OT(ish) Dining room complete! Full pics inside!

jgoppMay 4, 2011

So I know you're ALL going to get on my case AGAIN for not posting a complete kitchen post. :P Still waiting for a good photographer to come by honestly. I figured the dining room is sweet but I could just use my cell phone because I know you're all really interested in the kitchen and not really the dining room. The lighting is kind of bad today so look past that. Enjoy...

And now a little party touch...LED ring. Don't use this feature everyday and it does do a full range of colors, it just happened to snap the photo when it was on pink.

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That is a gorgeous dining room. I love the traditional style, and chandeliers with shades are so beautiful.

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You know I never really saw myself being a shade person, but when I saw that one my jaw dropped.

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You are having 'way too much fun!

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that's a lovely DR. A great place to serve all of those wonderful meals you'll be cooking up in your kitchen.

you can't do that til we see it and give the go ahead. right?

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On the LED ring - how bright is it, and how do you control the color/intensity? It certainly is interesting.

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Johnliu, it is adjustable brightness. It can go from fairly dim to intensely bright. There are 9 different function settings (blink, loop, chase, stable, and a few others) with I think 8 different color choices. It is operated by remote.

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