York Furnace and Heat Pump

starnesamFebruary 27, 2014

I have a YORK furnace and heat pump that is 5 years into its 10 year warranty. In the last 5 years, we have replaced the igniter, air handler, initiator and pressure sensor. The burner bulges out and there is a 1/4" gap going out of the air handler. The Control board has been replaced 3 times. The mechanics have admitted they do not know how to fix it and our heat pump hasn't worked since January 23. We have called YORK 5 times leaving complaints requesting a technician come fix it, or better yet replace the unit. We have a lemon. YORK never returns our call or attempt's to help us. I do not want to keep throwing parts at it just to have my warranty run out in 5 years and have to replace it myself.
What can I do to get YORK to replace my unit?

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Who made all the repairs you listed? The installing dealer?

And if the installing dealer, are they an authorized York dealer?

And if an authorized dealer, what is their response to your specific complaints?

What documentation do you have on your problems? Be specific please..

You have a nice anecdotal story but do you have backup to support?

In a situation like yours, I would put my complaint in writing to York by certified letter with copy to dealer. If no response, perhaps a lawyer with consumer protection experience is indicated.

Sorry for your trouble.


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See if you can find the local distributor to help out. Failing that, you could contact the parent company (Johnson Controls) and complain that you are not getting any responses from York or their distributors. Sounds like you got a lemon or a bad install. You may be looking at replacing it when the 10 year warranty is up.

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Thanks sktn77a, I will try to contact Johnson Controls.

tigerdunes, our authorized dealer made all the repairs. Their response was that had always came to our house and fixed it when it broke. That's all we could ask of them.
We have documented each time they have came out to replace something and I'm sure they have it on file too. I hadn't thought to write a letter and send it certified. I will try that. I have emailed them and called 5 seperate times. Thanks for your advice.

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