Help! Trying to remove linoleum from hardwood

Miss_CynthiaNovember 22, 2011

I have a similar problem. I just bought a house that was built in the sixties and I decide to update the kitchen a little. Needless to say I ended up deciding to gut it. Well it was going pretty well until I got to the floor and realized that on top of the pretty hardwood (that lays throughout the entire house) they have put linoleum then some type of press board (which has about 4,000 SCREWS in it) and then another layer of linoleum. I was wanting to put tile in there but I don't want a step up into the kitchen from my living room. I had thought about trying to keep the hardwood but since there are going to be a ton of screw holes I don't even know if it will be worth saving. Any ideas on how to get all of this up? Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.



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A 3-foot or 4-foot prybay may give you added leverage for lifting the subfloor/underlayment panels. A 6-pound mini-sledge can be used to force the prybar end/blade under the pannels. Making relief cuts every 6-inches to a foot with a circular saw can also help by relieving some of the pressure and separate panels into smaller sections easier.

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Make sure your blade depth isnt to deep ... just the thickness (or slightly less) of the layers you want to remove. Also, use adequate safety equipment (hand, eye, knee, and ear protection, etc) and follow tool manufacturers instructions and safety guidelines.

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I'd take it down to the original subfloor then the tile will be even with the wood floors. I feel it's best to not compound problems.
Every floor guy down the road will thank you.

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