Border for Tile Rug--proportion question

kate38November 9, 2011

Our master bathroom is approximately 12'x 20'. The overall main tile on this floor will be 14"x14" staggered. We have a 6'x6' area in the entrance where we want to put a tile "rug." The center of this "rug" will be 7"x7" tiles set on the diagonal with a border of flat random stones (the kind that are set on mesh). That will be bordered by 7"x14" tiles. The 14x14, 7x14, and 7x7 will all be the same solid tile. My question is, should that border of flat random stones be 3" wide or 4" wide?

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If it helps envision your project, here's a photo of our ~6'x9' tile "rug" in our foyer, with a 4" border. Inside tiles are 12", outside ones are 16".

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Thanks, it helps a lot! And it's beautiful.

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