How to remove grout sealer haze from tile

alannapNovember 30, 2007

Hi there,

I have slopped some grout sealer on my porcelain tiles and now I have a haze on the tiles. Can you please recommend a good product to remove the grout sealer haze that is on my tiles?



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Here is a really good site I've been lurking on lately. Lots of good information

Here is a link that might be useful: North American Tile

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Magic Erasers may take it off, but it depends who much you slopped. I'm not trying to tell you to go out and buy a pallet of them.:)

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I can tell you that I cleaned soap scum haze off shower stall tiles using wet fabric softener sheets, and elbow grease....restored to brand new!might just work for sealer haze!

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There are a lot of sealant removal products in the market, you should read the label of the sealant to find out if the manufacturer has a sealant remover, it's recommended to use the same sealant manufacturers sealant removal product.
You can also contact them and ask them what they recommend if they do not sell a sealant remover.

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Tried magic eraser and it worked great for me.
Thanks for the tip.

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