Quote Trane XL16i reasonable?

cumulus65February 15, 2009

1.Install Trane 4 ton XL16i 2-stage condenser, model # 4TTX6048 with R410A new refrigerant. Includes support pad, electrical disconnect and supply wire whip.

2.Install Trane slab-horizontal evaporator coil with TXV-thermal expansion valve, model # 4TXFH054. Includes sheet metal supply air plenum with dampers, sheet metal transition with access door, 2 PVC drain lines, and secondary drain pan with safety float switch.

3.Install Trane 4 ton variable speed gas furnace with 2-stage heating, model # TUD080R9V4K. Includes metal support stands, gas flexible connector, double wall flue pipe,

4.One flex return to ceiling at selected location. Includes 1 filter register, 2 collars, and 1 sheet metal return cans.

5.Pro-8000 programmable 2-stage heat and cool thermostat.

6.Includes sealing up to 2 air leaks in existing metal ducts that are obvious.

Total for quote is $8904. Does this seem reasonable in the Houston area?

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It's a matched system according to AHRI @ 15.75 SEER and 11.80 EER. These are better than average figures, and the system should be more efficient in first stage. As long as the ductwork is properly sized and sealed and the system was sized properly the system should serve you well.

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Don't you have to have a 12.5 EER to get the tax credit? If so what can I do to achieve that?

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I don't know what the government mandates. A high EER is important for high-outdoor temp cooling efficiency. 12.5 sounds about right.

The 4TXFH063 brings it to 12.1 or 12 depending on the outdoor unit revision, but the ADP (Advanced Distributor Products, a popular 3rd-party coil mfg.) coil model HE50960 brings it to 13 EER and 16 SEER. Not uncommon for this to be the case and to use a 3rd party coil. See if you can get it covered under a 10-year warranty. I can't pull up the specs on this coil to see if it's a horizontal coil, but I think it may be multipoise. Also ADP has other coils around 12.5 EER.

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Thanks for the info ryan!

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The matching coil on this system according to Trane is supposed to be a comfort coil 4TXCC060BC3HCA. Also, if you are spending this amount of money, you may as well get a 90% furnace instead of the 80% which is a TUH2C100A9V4VA.
The $8900 is a decent price. The 90% furnace shouldn't cost more than an extra $1000- $1100

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4TXCC060BC3HCA is one matching coil option. There are several other coils that Trane approves to work with this system, as does the American Refrigeration Institute. The 4TXCC060BC3HCA doesn't give stellar performance--11 EER and 15.25 SEER.

As for price, I don't know Houston's pricing, but it seems just about at the maximum for what I'd be willing to spend for the system.

I wouldn't look at a 95% furnace for Houston if it's going in the attic and winters are short and mild.

Just my thoughts.

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I have read that the Trane 15i will give you better numbers and efficiency then the 16i.

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it is a heck of a note that one would have to seek a third party coil to qualify for the Fed Energy Eff Tax Credit.

what about it Trane?

look at a few Trane HP configurations with var speed air handlers and see how many qualify for the tax credit.

very disappointing.


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I agree. I'd want the Trane coil myself. It's possible that the OP should either look for a better air conditioner/furnace configuration (or heat pump) from Trane or look at a different brand (Lennox, Rheem, Carrier, etc.).

An XL15i from Trane and the same furnace reaches 12.5 EER and 15.5 SEER:


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Sorry to hijack this thread but I live in Houston as well and I got a quote for a 4 ton Trane XL-20i (4TTZ0048A1000A) with a 4TXCC08CC3 evaporator coil and a TUD080RV4K furnace (2-stage, variable speed gas)system. No extra ductwork is required and it will be replacing an 18 year old Carrier system. The quote is $12,200. Does this sound right? A 3 ton version for the upstairs is quoted at $10,650.


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For such a high end system, sounds about right... Haven't seen enough quotes for the 20i to give a reasonable comparison. Sounds like they're not cutting you much of a break for doing the upstairs system either. Make sure both units are sized properly and that the ductwork is sized properly--many ductwork systems are improperly sized rendering systems inefficiency and more expensive to operate.

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I think it is a ridiculous price for what you get.
sure it is a new mdl number with a heavy price but really what do you get. this communicating business seems to be more important with Trane than performance/efficiency numbers.

here are the matching AHRI numbers for your system.

3220731 Active Systems XL20I TRANE 4TTZ0048A1 4TXCC008CC3 *UD080R9V4 46000 12.00 17.25

doesn't look like much too me. short on cooling BTUs, a very mediocre EER. does not qualify for the Fed Energy Eff tax credit.

I took a look at the HPs as well and only up to three ton models qualify for the HP credit. I personally think Trane is snookering the market. As one of the pros said yesterday about this recently introduced model-"where's the beef?"


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Thanks for your feedback. Maybe I should step back and really consider what I need. The HVAC salespeople tell me different things based on the products they offer which, I guess, is no surprise. My upstairs is rarely used but needs to be dehumidified because we have a lot of that stuff down here in Houston. Keeping the temperature set to 82 in the summertime won't do much for dehumidifying and lowering the setpoint would reduce any potential savings of the setback. Would a better approach be to put a single stage and add a dehumidifier to the air handler or just go with two stage?

Thanks again.

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I also live in Houston and received a quote today for the exact system in items 1, 2 and 3 of cumulus65 original message and the price was $10,129. Would cumulus65 advise the name of their Houston contractor and did you install that system.

On a related HVAC note, I changed the speed tap on the furnace blower motor for my upstairs 3 ton from high to medium and the AC comfort improved dramatically because of better dehumidification as less air passes through the evaporator.

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