Becket Oil Burner occasional odor

tlaicoFebruary 8, 2012

I have a forced air Beckett oil burner about 10-12 years old. Once in a while while it was running it would start to smell like kerosene and after about 10 mins it would "pop" the red tripper button on the burner. I called for service and they cleaned it , adjusted the spacing on ( for lack of the proper term) the ignitor? It would then run ok for a few days then same thing. Service tech repeated process - same result. Completley unrelated, I opened one of the basement windows

actually to clear the odor and becasue I worried about CO. I turn furnace on, and it ran perfectly! And has

for quite some time. To test, I closed the basement window, and after a time - same result!! Kerosene odor - although I dont let it get to the point where it pops the red tripper - but I can smell the kerosene odor. I open the window - and it runs like a champ again... odor disapears. Not because it is "diluted" - it stops producing the odor when windw is open. ( The window is right next to the furnace) So obviously I am thinking it is starved for Oxygen. Is there an adjustment for this and is it something a homeowner should mess with ?

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There is, mark sure the air intake next to the fuel pump is clear of dust or in my case saw dust. There is an adjustment for air intake that you could open a bit ,trial an error. Could be the wrong nozzle used, because the tech didn't have the right one, did the tech clean the basket screen in the fuel pump.Call the service company and have them send a different tech. Do a little home work to find out the correct nozzle, flame pattern and the correct procedure for cleaning.
Sit right there and watch, your paying him to fix it right.

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Thanks for your reply..

Yes, he did clean the basket screen - I will check on the nozzle.

I will get a new tech but I wanted to know enough about it to be able to ask the right questions.

When you say you had saw dust in that air intake ( Which I see now what you are referring to on the burner unit )
Did you have similar problems ? Meaning it 'choked' and produced an oil odor ?

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This sounds like the burner is working ok. Opening the window might indicate there is not enough airflow into the furnace room to supply the burner with enough air for proper combustion. Is the furnace in a small closed room? Newer becket burners have the option to use outside air for combustion. A simpler solution might be to fit that window with a screen and louvre to allow sufficient air for proper operation.

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