Install wood floor over wood current floor?

dawnrNovember 18, 2011

My kitchen contractor says its ok to put new solid wood over current solid wood instead of ripping out old floor. (Kitchen and hallway under 200 sq ft). The concern with tearing out is the floor is not level now (200 plus yr old house and every tear out project uncovers more repairs. I know this is not the "correct" way, but just asking if there are any serious issues with going over current floor. I worry about extra weight, but floor joists seem reasonably stable from what i can see in basement. I understand about problems when floors arent level, but no room in my house has level floors and I havent experienced issues (cupping etc) with the 2 installs previously done, although original floors are warped and squeak. Thanks

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The new floor will only be as good as the old floor.

If there is ever an issue with the old floor it will affect the new floor.

Most wood manufacturers have height (waviness) tolerances the existing floor has to be within else the warrenty may be void.

As a professional, I would recommend, at a minimum, to prepare the old floor properly to accept the new floor, or better yet, removal.

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I have a 90yo house and we but 3/4 oak over 3/4 fir that was over the subfloor. The installer laid the oak perpendicular to the fir, he said it would squeak if it wasn't done that way. My floor is quiet.

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Take out the old floor.
You will not have to cut your door jambs to a ridiculous height, risking exterior doors dragging and not allowing for a walk off rug etc.
Probably the best reason is to allow for the removal of squeaks and leveling if needed.

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The build up (and required door ad molding trimming) is often the biggest problem.

It often takes more time and effort to instal new flooring in older structures.
The factory nailing schedule may be inadequate if the surface is not 'factory flat.'

It is not that it cannot be done, just is more work.

large humps will of course remain, and out of flat can also result in a greater chance of squeaks developing (especially if you adhere to a factory minimum nailing schedule).

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