Short doors on new floors. What to do

brussoNovember 16, 2011

I just changed out a bedroom from carpet to hardwood floors. Did the work myself. Everything came out fine but,there is quite a big gap between the bottom of the door and the new floor. Same for the door trim. the new flooring is lower than the old carpet. I have three doors in this room. Is there a bandaid fix this? I know I can get new doors and jambs and rebuild the entire thing but that is a lot of work and $$$ to fix this 3/81/2 inch problem.

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You can glue and tack a wood strip on the bottom of the doors and smooth out the transiton between the two with a patch or drywall mud. Allow to dry and re-apply and sand as needed until its smooth, then re-paint.

Same with the door trim, but much more difficult and time consuming.

Most would simply tear out the old trim and install new. Trim is pretty inexpensive compared to new doors. Take a piece to a hardware store or lumber yard to ty and match as best you can.

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My standard would be 1 1/4 inch of gap for the door. If over that, maybe I'd do something. I've seen much worse and people just accept the fact that the gap comes with lessor height flooring. the tolerance is up to you.

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The gap is not quite one inch. I just read on some other sites that this is perfectly acceptable especially for heat to travel between rooms. So, I'll not worry so much about the doors. Floorman, you are right about the trim. I'll just get new casing and install it. thanks guys

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