Rain! Rain! I have a love/hate relationship with it!

PevoMay 18, 2011

My new remodel was supposed to start in March, then April, then May and now maybe June. It's all the rain we've been having, the contractor can't dig for foundation work because the ground is too wet. I'm third in line for his services and he won't start a large project until he's finished all others. BTW we knew this when we hired him, it was part of the his appeal. OTOH it's given me time to tweak my kitchen layout for the umpteenth time. Today the contractor called and asked if I really, really wanted a screened in porch? I said yes, maybe, why? He said he'd been looking at our plans and thought a year round sun room would suit our needs better. Oh, yes I would love that but there's that stupid budget that I HAVE to keep to. Contractor said in his slow southern voice that it might not be as expensive as I think. Extra costs would be finished flooring, hauling away more dirt and the cost of windows. I have spent hours this afternoon redsigning the whole layout and now it's raining again but I'm excited by the new layout possibilities, contractor will drop off new plans tomorrow and we'll go over the pricing and details on Friday. Rain, rain go away I want my reno to start today!

Just needed to vent!


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Wow! That sounds like a nice addition to your plans. Could the sunroom windows be screened, so you can open them in the summer? That might give you the best of both worlds :)

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LL, Just got off the phone with builder and he did say they would open to circulate the air. Great minds think alike! My son's lax practice was cancelled again but the sun is shining, the birds are chirping and neighbors are out walking, go figure!


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