How to fix limestone flooring intentionally stained green?

ElGrecusNovember 19, 2012

We just bought a house and it's great. Except the flooring. The previous owner stained the 24" x 24" limestone tile floor with some greenish stain (copper sulphate?) as you can see in the photos. Any advice on what can be done about the floors? We are thinking of staining the floors a very dark brown, almost black, but with a little warm brown in it. Will this work? what products would work best? Any other suggestions on what to do? There are a lot of white walls so we thought a dark floor would be a good counterpoint. Could we go right over the green color without attempting to remove/bleach it out? Thanks for any help you can provide.

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Other than "jackhammer" might consider covering it with something else.

And, of course, you can seek out a flooring artist who can restain the thing or in some other way give you a surface that you would find acceptable.

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