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neesieMay 26, 2008

We were away at a wedding last night when our area was hit by a tornado that killed a 2yo child (it's 5 yo sibling went into cardiac arrest twice). So I'm not complaining that my home needs extensive repairs, new roof, siding, facia, soffits, stairs, windows even damage to pool and a baseball size crack in my windshield. Considering that it's only property damage, I can deal. It's jus a little inconvenient.

However, what is stressing me out is that I found a dinner plate size snapping turtle in a window well that is about 4 feet deep. My 19 y.o. son who is on the autism spectrum (Asperger's) has decided that it is his job to get it out! He rarely gets excited about anything and has claimed this project for his own. I've begged him to wear gloves and suggested a shovel/ pail but I've been banished to the house. This is clearly his project and it may take some time since he came in to get some salad mix to feed his new friend.

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Oh dear, Neesie. I am so sorry about the tornado damage. But I have to warn you about these snapping turtles. They are very aggressive on land. Their necks can stretch a lot further than you'd suspect, and they can strike as quickly as a snake. Once they latch on, they are very hard to get off.

Here is some info. There is also a way to catch, if necessary at the same link, listed below.

"Do be wary if the Turtle you are trying to help is a Snapping Turtle. Although Snapping Turtles have no teeth, they do have a razor-sharp bill. Imagine if you took a pair of scissors and carefully folded the blades in a "U" shape; that is the Snapping Turtles bill. The strength of their jaws and neck is immense, and an adult Snapping Turtle is capable of inflicting very serious damage. In addition to the potential danger of the Snapping Turtles jaws and incredible strength, a person trying to help the Snapping Turtle must know that the TurtleÂs neck is L-O-N-G, equal to the length of the TurtleÂs entire shell. So, keep your fingers, legs, feet, arms, and other bits of anatomy, out of reach of the Snapping TurtleÂs mouth. Remember, keep yourself a distance that is twice as long as the Turtle is. For example, if the Turtle is five inches long, stay back at least 10 inches, etc. Also, do not be fooled by the steady, plodding gate, and seemingly slow demeanor of this Turtle. This Turtle can move with lightening speed if provoked."

Here is a link that might be useful: snapping turtles

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Oh my! Neesie-- Please keep us posted with the positive outcome (notice the positive vibes being sent your way). I hope you can have peace and quiet!!

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oh i'm so sorry to hear that! please let us know that ds and the turtle make it out alive as well!!!

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mustbnuts zone 9 sunset 9

I am so sorry to hear about the tornado. My thoughts and prayers are with you, your family and the others in your area.

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So sorry for your losses and your neighbor's. You're right -- we can repair the houses, but I can't imagine losing a child at any age, but especially such a young one.

I hope your son got the turtle without too much grief for either of them.

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I hardly know what to say except that I'm sure everyone on this forum is with you in spirit. Take a little comfort from that and know that you can come here any time to "talk". And from what I've seen here over many months of lurking and a few of posting, sharing the details of one's life--good and bad--with this very compassionate group of people is never really considered off topic.

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Oh Neesie, I'm so sorry about your loss and that of your townspeople. My heart goes out to all of you. Hope all goes well with the snapping turtle. They're not very nice playpals!

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