How long to acclimate?

Cindyloo123November 17, 2011

After years of indecision, I am finally ready to put hardwood in my living room. I am currently looking at the sub-floor.

When I spoke to an installer a few weeks ago, he told me I would have to acclimate the new wood for a few days. Now I am reading this thread and I see posts that say a few MONTHS might be a better idea!

I don't even have my wood yet and it may take a week to get it. How long should I really let it acclimate?

I'm thinking I'm stuck with a sub-floor now till all of the holidays are over! TIA for any help.

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The type of product is significant to the decision and an appropriate moisture reading of the subfloor vs. the products is necessary. With an appropriate reading taken, it can be as little as two days in my opinion. Months is ludicrous unless the moisture reading dictates that but it has never happened to us (our store)in 17 years of installing a couple of wood jobs per week. we are taking wood to a house this morning for a Monday install, but we will assure acclimation before we start. Many moonlighters do not do it correctly. Good Luck

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Acclimation of hygroscopic products is about equalization, not time. The storage/installation area needs to be within ranges set by the manufacturer/standards, and the wood needs sufficient time to equalize to that enviroment. This is in terms of relative humidity, moisture content of the substrate/floor, and the moisture content of the wood product to be installed. They all need to be within range and tested. Additionally, if installing over a cocrete slab, hydrostatic pressures need to be CaCL tested (and mitigated if necessary).

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Most uneducated installers simply throw the wood in the area for a few days and feel they did their due-dilligence. That is a roll of the dice and those installers should not be used in my opinion. Those installers need to be educated.

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I'm putting solid hardwood in my living room, which is on a plywood subfloor and there is no moisture problem.

I was thinking of using Acacia or Amendiom but I can only afford those if I buy on line. Reading this forum has caused me to decide against using an installer that does not have or come from a store, so now I am rethinking the whole issue of where to buy. I guess I'm going to end up with Oak now, lol, because that is all I can afford from a flooring store!

Thanks for the information!

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"... I'm putting solid hardwood in my living room, which is on a plywood subfloor and there is no moisture problem ..."

That is a dangerous assumption to make. Just because your substrate/floor is wood and/or you do not see a moisture-related problem does not mean there are no moisture issues that need to be addressed. It very well may turn out to have absolutely no moisture issues, but to assume that it does not without adequate testing and enviromental equalization of the product is a gamble I would be unwilling to take as a professional. I think its a very good idea to have a professional assist you with your project, but please ensure they test for relative humidity and moisture content of both the subfloor and the product prior ro installation to ensure everything is in range. Thats the industry standard.

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