Favorite apps: To-do and grocery

rjr220May 1, 2011

I am new to smart phones -- just got my first on Friday. My teen DD and DS and 58 y/o DH keep on bugging me to put Angry Birds on it. I am more interested in finding a good (and free) grocery shopping and "to-do" list app. Anyone here with good recommendations? It's an Android. Yes, I can go to the marketplace and look for the ratings, but I trust the GW Kitchen peeps to give me the best reviews!


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Some people like one called Our Groceries. I thought that was more complicated than it needed to be, and have been using Out of Milk. There's another app I really love called Cork and Orc, which are different colored/size sticky notes, for anything you want to use them for. Have fun...you'll probably love your new phone. Just don't text and drive, please! (I see that everyday, and it drives me crazy.)

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not a grocery list, but the google app that allows you to take a photo of something, and then it searches for it....so cool. It will even take you to an online retailer where you can buy it! Really great for lots of stuff, but imagine its use with books.....point, shoot, it searches, finds it on amazon, you click, you order, it comes to you!

Also another new one (although I paid a whopping 99cents for it) is Flavortown. It has the locations of the Diners Drives and Dives from Guy Ferati (?). Enter you location, and the locations around you come up, even link you to reviews and the youtube video of his visit. Can't wait to use it for our upcoming trip to Savannah

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Funny you should ask...I've had my smart phone for 6 weeks and have been struggling with the tons of stuff on it. This morning early I went to a class on smart phones and learned a lot. Yes, they suggested I put Angry Birds on it and that's all I've done all day is play that stupid game. Sorry I'm no help with the apps, I just use the ones that came with the phone. I'm beginning to feel comfortable using the camera and video and even the GPS. It's just a matter of practice and patience. I would trust the ratings especially if it is free.

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The upcoming iPhone software update will include a location-aware to-do list that uses the internal GPS -- so for example if you're near the drugstore, "pick up prescriptions" will move to the top. Pretty neat. Don't know if there's anything like that for Android.

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I recently downloaded GroceryIQ, which came highly recommended, but I haven't started using it yet.

For a "to do" app, I use Things. It's one of the few apps I've actually paid for, but it seems to organize things better than the other ones I could find. So far, it has worked great for me, but I'm still getting used to it.

I do have some other apps that help keep me organized, though...

A favorite new one is CardStar. This one will scan all those stupid little keyring discount cards for the grocery store, pharmacy, pet store, etc., so you no longer have to carry them around. I was a bit skeptical because some of the reviews said that the store scanners don't always read them, but I haven't had any problem with it. It's also a place to store things like frequent flyer numbers or hotel reward numbers, etc.

Dragon Dictation is an awesome tool for extremely accurate voice recordings. Before I got Things, I used it to make my "to do" list. Now, I will still use it to dictate texts or e-mails.

GeniusScan is another fabulous organization app. It uses your phone's camera as a scanner and translates scans into pdf files, which you can e-mail to yourself or to others. If you're trying to reduce the amount of paper in your life, this is a great tool! It has come in very handy at meetings, when everyone wanted an electronic copy of something.

AroundMe is a good app to find the closest _____ (gas stations, restaurants, grocery stores, etc.).

RedLaser allows you to do comparison shopping. It uses your camera as a barcode reader and will do an instant online search to tell you if you can get the item cheaper elsewhere.

EverNote is another app for organizing ideas or items you like. I haven't used it yet, but like some of these others, it came highly recommended.

Some of my other favorite apps that aren't related to organization include Shazam, IMDB, Pandora Radio, Google, ESPN ScoreCenter, TED Mobile, iBird, and Articles.

Have fun with your new phone (I don't know why we even still call them "phones" with all they can do these days)!

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I've only had mine since Christmas and not much of an appie, as these things go, but the ones I'm using I've really come to appreciate.

Like EverNote. It's cloud-based--data stored off site by the EN server, but it's free as long as you don't try to store too much and need to open a paying account. In this way I can, say, copy interesting recipes on any of my home computers/iPhone and then pull them up on any of the others, like while I'm out shopping. Same for any notes or things I've stored on any of them, making them all my central organizing place. Extremely useful because I'm getting more forgetful and scatterbrained as I get older.

I also really, really like talking to Dragon and then sending the resulting text out as an e-mail, directly to Facebook, etc. Or hit copy, then double tap the screen on any other application to paste it there, like making comments on possible fabrics in several stores and then copying them all as text to EverNote--to go with the pictures also posted. Nice!

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