$$$??? Cost of removing vinyl flooring & subfloor

cindyloodNovember 4, 2010

We've always been DIY'ers before but just not up to ripping out our kitchen floor for our remodel. I'd really appreciate hearing if there is a general cost guideline for having your "tile guy" rip out existing vinyl flooring (2 layers) & the subflooring beneath (2 layers?. The vinyl is not sheet, it is 12 x 12 tiles. The kitchen is 240 square feet. I know it's a dirty job but I was a bit surprised that it was going to run around $1000 for the rip-out, including removal of the flooring. Does that sound in the ballpark? Thanks!

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Well, I was waiting for somebody else to answer, but I think $4 a sf is a lot. Have you called some handyman services to ask what they would charge? It's usually by the hour, about $60. That would get you 16 hours worth of handyman time plus some leftover to pay for the dumping fee.

I had to remove some myself in my entryway. It was 1/4 inch plywood and one layer of vinyl screwed down good! It took me 3 sweaty hours to remove the 70 sq ft and I'm a 50+ year old woman. I'm sure a strong man could do it much faster. ;)

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I would assume the vinyl is glued down on a quarterinch underlayment. We had to have our tile guy pull up the vinyl and then remove the luan from the decking which was a huge mess. I don't think he charged me that much to do it. I think our kitchen which is the same amount is going to be about $500 which includes removing quarter round and resetting it when the tile is done.

He doesn't want to do it and is charging you accordingly.

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