Noisy Radiant Aluminum Fins in Retro Fit?

dljmthFebruary 15, 2012

We are doing a somewhat self-contained addition to our house.

We are adding about 500sqft to an existing 450sqft square room. The 950sqft will consist of a small bedroom/bath, kitchen/family room (with many windows and high ceilings). The new sqft is being added on in an "L" shape (2 walls being moved). It's a simple wood frame house built on foundation with a fully accessible crawl space.

After much research, we decided we would like to put in radiant in the new (950sqft) space but design the system to retro-fit the rest of the house at a later time. It looks like the best way for us to do this (since it's primarily retrofit) is to do the staple-up method with PEX tubing. We've also considered using aluminum fins but recently a contractor that I spoke with that has been installing these systems for many years says that he is shying away from adding the aluminum fins in retrofit applications because people are telling him the systems are noisy. When the aluminum expands/contracts there is lots of "creaking".

Anyone installed these type of systems? Do you find them noisy? Seems like the plating would add substantial efficiency but I would hate creaky sounding heat.


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We have recently instaled Ultrafin radiant heat in a similar retrofit situation. We previously had perimeter baseboard heat that did pop and creak when warming up however I've not heard one sound from the new infloor system.

I believe the key to a quiet install is attention to details regarding hole sizes, hanger spacing and positive connection of the plates. I did the install myself and didn't rush or skimp on any of the steps that a contractor might try taking.

All the best

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