Uneven floor tile?

jane__nyNovember 5, 2012

We had 'wood-looking tile' installed in our den. The installer put the tile in an random pattern to mimic wood floors. After installation, I noticed some of the tile stick up slightly higherthan the tile next to it.

The subfloor is cement. This is Florida and there was carpet on top of the cement floor. Carpet removed and tile installed.

When I mentioned this to the tile man, he said the tiles were slightly curved. He runs into this often with wood-looking tiles.

I am not happy with the way it looks and how you catch your foot on the edges. You can't slide things easily on the tile as the furniture catches on the tile.

Just doesn't seem right and wonder if anyone run into this with wood tiles?


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Its called warpage and yeah its an issue with wood look depending on brand, because of its shape. Based on a forum discussion I have bookmarked (but can't seem to link thanks to the spam filter on gardenweb) you could have minimized it by going to wider groutlines but it's probably a bit late for that now and that may not be the look you were looking for.

Fwiw your photo looks lovely to me.

Quoted from discussion
"Rectified means the length and width are exact. Not mentioned is the warpage. The tile standards allow .5% to fall within the standard grade which means a warpage of 1/8" is allowed on a 24" tile. That doesn't mean that Roca doesn't adhere to a higher standard. The picture on their website shows no lippage or warpage, but just to be sure, you should spot check your tile with a straightedge."

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If not set in a stack pattern, then large format tile really needs to be installed with a slightly wider grout line than most people actually want. Or else, they need to find a tiler with experience with an old fashioned mud bed. That's the only way to keep the lippage to a minimum when using large format tile that always has a bit of warpage to it. Always.

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In a few weeks you probably won't even notice the lippage.

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Thanks, so I guess I shouldn't be mad at my tile-man. We did want tight grout lines.

I notice it everytime I move a chair. I guess I'll get used to it.

Thanks again,

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The pic shows a "half tile stagger." Those tiles should have been set with a "third tile stagger." As it is, the ends of the tile, which are at the lowest point of the tile, meet the center of the next tile, which is at the highest point of the "bow." Had they been set at "thirds," there would have been virtually no lippage.

Not much help to you after the fact, I know....but perhaps it might help someone else just starting out....

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Real good answer.

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Thanks, all. Stonetech, I appreciate your expertise and wonder if my tile person knew that. I doubt it. I mentioned to him that I have seen this type of tile in restaurants without the problem. He said the tile might have been layed in mud.

I find it unreasonable that this tile should have edges sticking up as a normal occurrence. Didn't make sense to me.

Thank you,

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