Advice on replacement heat pump/ac

bazz_2008February 5, 2008

I currently have a Trane XL 1200 approx 22yrs old. It has been diagnosed with a sticking transfer plunger, I think thats correct. I feel its too old to repair so I have got 2 quotes. #1 Trane 3.5 ton XL15i model 4twx5042 Air handler model 4t6v3f49 the v might not be right hard to read Condensate pump, refrigerent tubing, Complete install and removal of old equipt. $7568 includes $600 rebate.

#2 Carrier Performance 15-25hrpava442. Air handler tv4bnf005. Same work as the Trane quote Both with new thermostats. $6850 Which is the best choice. Third Quote coming is for Another Carrier same unit.

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You have wrong digits in both the Trane and Carrier quotes.

For Trane, I found a match with that Trane condenser but with a 4TEE3F49 air handler:
43,500 btu cooling (1500 more btu than 2.5 tons which is 42,000 btu), 12.1 EER, 14.5 SEER, 42,000 btu heating at 47F outside (a full 3 tons), 8.9 HSPF.

Those numbers are excellent (if that is your air handler). Full btus for both heating and cooling, good EER (cost to run heat pump in cooling) and good HSPF (cost to run heat pump in heating).

I couldn't make anything out of the Carrier model numbers - either the condenser or air handler.

Best to you.

Here is a link that might be useful: ARI Directory

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Gary Thanks for your response. Hopefully the next quote from Carrier will be typed and I'll be able to read it.

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I would call the other 2 contractors and ask them for model numbers since you can't read them on the quotes. This way you can compare all 3 quotes on the ARI website.

Have you considered a PARTS AND LABOR warranty?

Best to you.

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I like the Trane combo if the air handler used is actually the 4TEE series. For the Carrier model numbers, I decipher that as a 25HPA442 heat pump with a FV4BNF005. This ARI combination is discontinued it appears and does not achieve 15 SEER (it achieves 14.5 SEER). The 25HPA4 heat pump is not the same as the 25HPA5 heat pump (not the 4 and the 5 before the 42, that means Performance 14 and Performance 15). Good luck.

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The two best quotes have different model #'s. Could someone help me out. #1 Carrier Performance Series 3.5 Ton Model # 25HPA542A 15.5 Seer and Carrier air handler variable speed Model FV4BN4002
#2 Carrier Performance Model # 25HPA342 and Carrier air Handler Model FV4BNF005.
Which of these two are the best choice and why. Thanks

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"Carrier air handler variable speed Model FV4BN4002"
- There is another typo in that air handler model#. There is no second "4" or last "2". Example: FV4BNF003 or 005 or 006.

"Model # 25HPA342 and Carrier air Handler Model FV4BNF005"
- 42,000 btu cooling (a full 3.5 tons), 11.7 EER, 14.5 SEER, 42,000 btu heating at 47F, 8.5 HSPF, 27,400 btu heating at 17F.

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You were right both air handlers are the same FV4BNF005. So what's the difference between the 25HPA542A and the 25HPA342

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25HPA542 with FV4BNF005 is a Performance 15 Puron (discontinued):
42,000 btu cooling, 12.5 EER, 15.5 SEER, 41,000 btu heating at 47F, 8.5 HSPF, 27,000 btu heating at 17F.

This will be cheaper to run in cooling (12.5 EER versus 11.7 EER). All other #s are similar.

The first system is a Performance 13 Puron, also discontinued.


Good luck.

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Both have the same warranty 5 year part 10 year compressor 1 year labor The 25HPA542 has a 2 year labor and is $1500 less. For anothe $525 I can get a Carrier 10 year parts and labor. Do you think that is wise?

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What happened to the Trane idea?

10 year parts and labor warranties a wise thing to get for peace of mind.

The 25HPA542 is a higher efficiency unit than the 25HPA342 obviously. You say the 25HPA342 is quoted at a higher price? You should really be considering the reliability of both of these companies and their installation practices before the equipment.

All in all, I think I'd go with the Performance 15 for more efficiency, especially if it's quoted at a lower price. The Performance 15 (Model # 25HPA542A30) with the Performance variable speed air handler (Model # FV4BNF005) is a discontinued matchup and gets 12.50 EER, 15.50 SEER, and 8.50 HSPF. The Performance 15 (Model # 25HPA542H30) with the Performance variable speed air handler (Model # FV4BN(B,F)005) gets 13.00 EER, 15.00 SEER, and 9.00 HSPF). Those are good numbers. Confirm model numbers with your chosen contractor before signing a contract.

Good luck!

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I got an American Standard Quote $3000 higher and a Trane quote $3600 higher. I've checked out the contractor for Carrier who has the lowest quote and he has good references. It seems the bigger the company the higher the price. One Carrier dealer quoted me $3750 higher then my lowest bid for the same equipment. I think some guys are slow and are trying to weather the storm. My two lowest quotes are about $500 apart.

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That Performance 15 match-up is not discontinued as I wrongly posted and does indeed have Ryan's performance numbers. ARI# 1169035.

There is no way that the 542 (15 SEER) is $1500 cheaper than the 342 (13 SEER). Someone has something backwords.

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Gary, you were right in some respect actually. The 25HPA542A30 is discontinued; the 25HPA542H30 is not. And from what I see looking at ARI, the 25HPA542H30 is slightly more efficient with EER and HSPF except .50 SEER lower than the 25HPA542A30 matchup).

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