Maximum tile height from hard wood threshold

BBSteeleOctober 9, 2012

We have 3/4" hardwood floors throughout, and therefore have 3/4" allowed for tile in the bathroom if we want the floors to be a continuous height. My question has a few facets:

1) We would really like a terra-cotta (style) tile of 6" size or smaller, but have found only those that are nearly 7/8" in height. With backer board and/or other substrate material, a 3/8" terra-cotta would be much better... is there such a thing?

2) What is the maximum "slope" we can create with our hardwood threshold to go from hard wood to tiled floors..

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If you haven't, you need to talk to your tile guy first. What's the substrate going to be?

Folks tend to step over thresholds, not on them.

I just installed a marble floor in a bathroom and had to beef up and level the floor first (ply, cement board, leveler, etc.). The difference in finished floor height was about 1". I had a 4" x 1 1/4" thick threshold custom made, with a bevel on both edges (larger bevel on one side). I installed it level - no slope. Looks and feels perfect, i.e no trip hazard or any of that.

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