Finish nailer to install hardwood?

tombobOctober 15, 2013

I have a small, 32 sq. ft half bathroom in which I am planning on installing hardwood flooring. In that limited space, swinging a mallet and maneuvering an air flooring hammer seems like it might be a chore without smudging and banging up the walls.

My question: can I use my Bostitch finish nailer to put down the floor with 18 gauge 2" stick nails? face nailing the first and last rows and then blind nailing the rest?

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Any port in a'd work, in my opinion.

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Nail it on the tongue of wood using finish nailer. It works perfect.

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Anyone using a floor nailer ends up using a finish nailer for the first and last few rows. I used nothing but the finish nailer for a small bathroom.

I place the end of the finish nailer on the subfloor or rest it on the tongue, tip it 30-45 degrees and aim the nailing end towards the angle between tongue and top of board.

Set the drive to set the nails lower than usual, because you won't be in contact with the wood. I only had to use the nail set on one or two nails.

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What kabir and lazy said. Easy peasy.

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Are you doing 3/4" ? I dont know about the other guys' on here opinion on this but would a 16gauge nail be better than an 18 For 3/4"?

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I would agree with gregmills as 18 gu may be a little on the light side for 3/4" thick hardwood.

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I used .... 2" 16-gauge finishing nails about 6 inches apart.

For extra security you could also blind nail the short tongue as you lay each row, but that's probably overkill.

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