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newlywed2011October 6, 2012

Hello! I wanted to ask what type of vacuum you use on your Smartstrand? I tried my Dyson tonight and I can't push it! I put it on the hardwood setting and still couldn't push it. It left deep "tire tracks" in the carpet. I am not gonna be happy if I have to buy a new vacuum as I've only had my (expensive) Dyson for just a few months!

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Which Dyson do you have? I have the original Dyson Ball and it pushes fine--much better than DM's Electrolux did while we were still maintaining 2 households. Anyway, I pulled some other threads here and across the web and all seem to indicate Dyson Ball (#1) or Dyson DC28 (#2). In any event, it is a little harder to push the Dyson Ball on the Smartstrand than on "regular" carpet, but not impossible. If you don't have the Ball or DC28, I would see if the store you bought your Dyson from would exchange it for you due to the circumstances. You could also call Dyson customer service and see if there is another setting on your model that would work better.

When you mention tire tracks, are you talking about ones like in the 1st pic in the attached thread? With this carpet, anything you do across it will leave some sort of pattern. We simply walk across it a few times during the course of the day and the tracks are gone and carpet is just normal looking again.

Hope this helps!

Here is a link that might be useful: Tire Track Pics

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Yes, that's what my tracks look like and it scares me that I'm damaging my carpet. I was out of breath after 5 mins of vacuuming and I'm in pretty good shape! I don't have the Dyson ball and I can't return this one because I ordered it from Woot about 6 months ago. I looked at the picture posted about adding a washer but am unsure how to do that.
I'll call Dyson this afternoon and see if there is a way to modify it.
The footprints in the carpet don't bother me but I was very concerned about damaging the carpet with the vacuum!

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Remember too that the Smartstrand shows more (like footprints) than other carpets, so it's bound to show more track marks too. Other posts have said you're not damaging the carpet based on having called Mohawk directly--you might try calling Mohawk too.

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I sent them an email but I'll give them a call, too.

I LOVE my carpet though. So soft and gorgeous. We are thrilled!

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