Hollow sound when tapping tile

deepblue_4October 3, 2008

We are in the middle of having 20" x 20" ceramic tile installed. Half of our 800 sqf is installed and has not been grouted yet. Installer had to take 2 days off for another commitment.

We are installing on terrazzo which has been acid washed to remove wax build up. We are using VersaBond, as it is recommended for terrazzo.

Anyway, when tapping on tiles I can hear hollow sounds in certain areas. Is this OK? Or, should installer remove those tiles and replace? He'll be back on Monday and I want to discuss with him.

Thanks for any feedback.

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Restore the Terrazzo. Actually some people are doing this. I know it's blast past, however it does make a good tile base. The 'hollow' sound that you hear is due to improper adhesion or bedding of the tile in the thin set morter. This can be due to an uneven floor surface (settling) as I assume this is slab construction, or an inadequate amount of morter. Some installers simply 'slap' tiles in place, but what you really need to do is twist each tile back and forth slightly so that it is properly bedded in the morter. This will insure proper adhesion and eliminate that 'dinner plate' sound you hear when tapping.

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Thank you, Bushleague, for your reply. I am going to have our installer remove the tiles and replace them.


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This is caused by
1. uneven slab
2. inadequate morter
3. low-grade tile

If this turns out to be low-grade tile, the installer may charge you more per square foot to install because of the extra time he's going to spend.

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The bigger the tiles, the more floor prep before the tile get set.

Ceramic must achieve 80% coverage. Stone is 100% coverage.

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