Rinse Corned Beef First?

stir_fryiMarch 19, 2009

Do you rinse your corned beef before cooking? I always rinse that gross gel off of it first but my MIL told me my roast has no flavor now and not to rinse it.

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I've heard not to rinse it, but I cannot help myself. I think mine still has lots of flavor.

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No, I don't rinse mine. Those seasonings are on there for a reason, or at least that's my theory, so I just stick it in a pan on top of the veggies, add liquid and cook it.


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My corned beef comes packed in cryovac....with a separate spice packet to add to the cooking water.
In the "olden days" corned beef was sold directly from the corning liquid, and there was no need to rinse it....but my mother always rinsed or wiped all meat.
Yes...I rinse...if you don't that gook sort of swirls around in the water in a most disgusting way....
Probably no good reason to do that....but I do.
Your corned beef has no flavor? I think your MIL is putting you on!!
Linda C

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Well the recipe for my corned beef which I'll be cooking on Saturday clearly says rinse well. And given that in my corned beef thread I was scared off a bit because of the saltpetre I'm using, yes, I'll be following that recipe to a tee and will be rinsing well!

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I rinse mine...it's so gross!!!!!!!!!!
My corned beef always tastes just fine.


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I never made it before this week. I rinsed mine, then mixed together yellow mustard and brown sugar. Added a splash of beer to it and spread it on top. Mixed a beer and a cup of water together and poured it over the veggies (carrots and onions). Cooked in a crockpot for 10 hrs. on low.

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OH dear!~ I never rinsed it AND I poured all the juices from the bag into the pot with the water too. I thought that was all seasonings that had to go in there to make it taste good.

From now on, I'll rinse and not dump any juices in the bag into the pot. Ew now I'm grossed out at myself.

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I rinse mine over a big seive so I can catch all the herbs/seasonings/etc and return them to the pot.

Past few years I've been buying my CB from Trader Joe's, Niman Ranch brand, a growing cooperative of ranchers that 'raise livestock traditionally, humanely and sustainably to deliver the finest tasting meat in the world.' Trader Joes has rebadged it as their own, if you can't find it next year.

Here is a link that might be useful: Niman Ranch

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shaun, don't worry about it, it's just the juices from the meat, drawn out by all that salt. I never rinse, I figure I cover mine with water anyway and I don't do one darned thing with the cooking liquid, although I've tried to use it for soup and it just isn't right...

when I make my own corned beef, I rinse it because it's covered with the rub, too intense if I don't rinse it.


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It never crossed my mind to rinse it! Mine was delicious. Will have leftovers tonight.

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I rinse my corned beef then boil it for a minute or 2 to get rid of some salt, then I change the water and proceed with the cooking. I have done this several times and I do not find that the taste of the meat is compromised.

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