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MariposaTraicioneraMay 17, 2006

We're having a graduation party for a high school graduate on Saturday at 1:00 p.m. Graduation is at 10:00 a.m.

Some of the kids will be at the party, but there will mostly be adults of various ages. Would you serve alcoholic beverages, or just punch, tea, coffee? Someone mentioned margaritas, beer and wine...not sure how I feel about that. It's a short party from 1:00-3:30 p.m. since the kids have an all night lock-in at school that night and said they wanted to sleep in the evening.

Any suggestions for food would be welcomed as well.

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I wouldn't serve alcohol, especially since it sounds like you don't really want to. The party will be rather short, and adults can BYO if they simply must have alcohol in the middle of the day. Why set yourself up for liability and possible repurcussions from other parents? I would think that some parents would be upset if they knew their kids were at a party where alcohol was being served.

I'd keep the food simple, seeing as the party will be held "between meals." Maybe just snacks (chips and such) and a cake. If you want to serve something more substantial, I'd get one of those big sub sandwiches.

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Thanks Uxorial. The suggestions came from a couple people who MUST have something 'stronger' with their meals. I'll make some exciting punch that everyone, including kids can drink. Hadn't thought about sub sandwiches...good idea.

We're having a special cake. The graduate specifically asked for two items (mini quiche and taquitos)lol. What do you think? Would that clash with the subs?

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Since the party is for the graduate, not the adult attendees, I would not serve alcohol. I think it sends the message to these young kids that even though they can't have any of the alcohol we adults can't have fun or enjoy a social interaction without it.

I like to have a drink or beer at a party as much as anyone, but I would feel even more awkward drinking in front of teenagers at their party. It's different in my mind if the party was for an adult - ie their wedding anniversary etc. Then the teen is an attendee and they don't get to partake in all the beverages offered to the adult guests. But, when it's their party - it should be all about them and anything offered should be available to the graduate to enjoy...JMHO.

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I would not risk having alcohol with grads being there. They are so excited and sometimes don't make the best decisions. The couple that must have something stronger with a meal can do just that, when they leave and have their dinner at their home.

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Carole and Eandhl, thank you both so much for your input. I've called a few people to let them know that there won't be any alcohol served for the reasons you both stated. I got a few moans and groans, but they'll get over it. You're right...this part is for the graduates.

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On a related issue, we received a grad party invite today that said BYOB. I have never seen this done before. It is clear that alcohol will be at the party, so that is not the issue. Does BYOB mean bring all beverages, or only beer/liquor?

I thought it seemed kind of tacky (cheap) to invite guests and have them bring their own drinks. Am I off base here? Let me state that DH & I don't drink much alcohol at all. However, this family has been to my house for many, many BBQ's & family get togethers and never brought their own drinks. I haven't been to a party at their place in years. I don't sweat that because I know some people really don't like to entertain. What do you think?

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I think "BYOB" stands for "bring your own bottle" and if someone says that, it usually means he/she is expecting you, to the extent you wish to drink an alcoholic beverage, to bring your own, whether its' wine, hard liquor or beer. The host usually supplies nonalcoholic beverages. Personally, I'd go easy on a host that entertains on a "BYOB" basis as he/she may not drink and thus has nothing alcoholic to offer guests, or he/she may not know how to mix drinks or he/she may not have a clue, since they don't drink, what guests are likely to want. Whereas I would not entertain on a BYOB basis, I would not get that upset with someone who did.

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The reason this party is at such an odd hour is because the kids are having a lock-in that night from Saturday night 9:30-6:00 a.m. Sunday, and they wanted to sleep during the evening.

BYOB? these folks drink at your place? Or as Soupgirl suggests, maybe they don't drink, don't have a clue about mixing drinks?

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We are having a grad party--our second one. It will start at 4:00 PM and go until--whenever. (Our "Project Graduation Party" starts at 10:00 PM.) MOST of the people attending are the friends and family who have watched /helped The Boy reach this important milestone. A few of his friends (and their families) will be attending...but most of the guests will be adults. We have decided to serve wine, but not beer, because the adults all like wine and NONE of the kids do. Because the kids all want to go to Project Grad, where they breathalize, I'm not worried. We are serving a "light buffet"--cheese tray, deli tray, fruit tray, vegetable tray, probably get a honeybaked ham,shrimp cocktail, some min-quiches for the vegetarians--what I think gets referred to as "heavy hordeurves." Enough to make a meal from--but light enough for people to come enjoy themselves and still go OUT to dinner if they want.

Oh, and cake.


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soup & mari - this couple are definitely social drinkers, so that is why I thought it was odd. I have been to many parties & BBQ's where it was BYO beverage, but I feel like when you are throwing a party to honor someone it is a little different than a casual party.

I can understand when people choose to have NO alcohol at a grad party, but I felt this was them being cheap. As for me...I'll probably be drinking my Diet Coke either way!

Congrats to all you parents with grads! I'll be in the same boat next year and having to make all these decisions :)

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Neverdone, since you know them, I can understand why you'd think this a bit tacky.

This is my niece who is graduating, and their home is being remodelled so my 'soon to be remodelled' home was offered,lol

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