Replacing 2003 R22 WeatherKing???

neil_ashevilleFebruary 1, 2011

I have a 2003 WeatherKing heat pump that i'm being told by the original installation company that my condenser has failed. Service tech suggested I run in EmHeat mode instead of AuxHeat to reduce costs until unit can be replaced. The past 45 days utility statement lists avg monthly usage at 2,750 kWh for my 500sf guest house/apartment. Ouch! Model no. for the current unit is 10PJA2501.

Company quoted a new Trane XR15 15.9SEER 30k/30k system install for $7,000. We settled on replacement of the outside unit, which is R22. A month now and the unit is still being 'built'. Are R22 units that difficult to find and what might your typical unit cost and associated installation be?


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what exactly is wrong with the 7 yr old HP?

have you even thought about getting a second opinion?

it's out of warranty? what size is it?

and just to be clear, you plan to mismatch a new R22 outside condenser with your old inside air handler?

R22s should be available.

I would re-think your options.

post back.


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