If you were designing a kitchen magazine....(lots of pics)

lavender_lassMay 26, 2011

My pet peeve lately is how much all these kitchens look alike! Some magazines will throw in a wood kitchen or sort of contemporary, but most magazine kitchens are white with marble countertops, maybe a wood or soapstone island to break it up...wood floors and stainless steel appliances. I actually like that look, but it would be nice to have VARIETY! So, if you were desining a kitchen magazine, what kind of kitchens would you include?

Here are some of mine...please add more of your own :)

Well, I did say I liked this style, especially the turned legs, lots of windows and soft cream cabinets.

But I also like this...great ceramic counters (vintage kitchen) with (pow) that orange island!

I'd probably try to have one Sarah Richardson kitchen in each issue, if she would agree :)

Look, WHITE appliances! I know lots of people like stainless steel, but the last two magazine I got...every range/cooktop was stainless steel!

I really like this blue kitchen, soft but contemporary.

This green one is sleek and modern.

We should include some wood kitchens, too. This one works so well with the shiny stainless steel.

This is such a pretty arts and crafts kitchen...and that bump out banquette is wonderful!

Can you get more cozy that an english country kitchen, with an Aga, no less :)

Now, for something completely different (thanks to Corrie) and I've never seen anything like these...Toyo kitchens, from Japan!

And finally, the green kitchen winner...this is kind of cool, a remodeled 70's kitchen.

What kitchens would you add? Have fun! :)

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Lavendar, I never thought of that before but you are so right.

When I scrolled through your lovely pics, it was refreshing to see the different styles. Kitchen design should be like any artistic venue of any sort...UNIQUE.

I too enjoy the "standard" kitchen out in the magazines, but it does become very homogonized. Is this because of resale, the need to blend with the rest of the house which also is also homogonized? Is "staging" your house the new standard, where your home appeals to the majority but wows no one (including ourselves)? Is it that kitchens are too expensive (I read a previous thread of yours) to venture off the well worn path?

It been ages since I've seen a kitchen and it blew me away except for a modern kitchen. I have to question myself though; do I love modern or do I love it because it is so different? Maybe a little bit of both???

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Why have all the pics been removed?

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Sorry! My Photobucket account had to be redone and I lost most of my pictures. I'll try to reload a few next week, but today...it's supposed to be 80 degrees and I'll be out gardening :)

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We FINALLY got warm enough to get outside. Yesterday I did garden clean-up. Today I went for a walk along the beach with my very pregnant niece who is also house hunting. So we also went to open houses. You would not believe the junk that people are selling and want $800,000 for that junk.
Anybody own a broom or dust mop anymore? The owners didn't even do basic cleaning and the poor workmanship that passes for renovations these days is deplorable.

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