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jillypieMay 17, 2006

I left a message for you in kitchens and Pauline suggested I post it here. In the "Incredible Backsplas" thread you posted a link for "Incredible Glass Backsplash." The link no longer works and I wondered if you would please post it again.



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hi jilly ~ try posting in cup's "Beautiful Backsplashes" thread? Hopefully she will receive an email after you post. Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Beautiful Backsplashes:Links to BreathTaking Pictures & Resources

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Oh Jillypie!

That link is about one year old and to tell you the truth, I can't remember what it looked like. I will go down that thread and try to piece together what I linked to along that thread. I just don't remember if it was glass tiles, back lit glass, plate glass, glass blocks, etc. I guess the lesson I've learned is to provide more description in the post when there's a link. That's even more important now that iVillage (or whoever currently owns the Garden Web) is retaining threads for extended periods and the number of posts has graduated to 150 per thread. A couple of years ago, the threads scrolled off fast if a post didn't bump it up regularly, and that was what I did with the "Beautiful Backsplashes" thread in order to prevent it from falling off the Gallery pages. I'm thinking that the link may have been to a design studio? I'll go back and review that thread and post as soon as I remember something. Sorry for the inconvenience of my lack of an answer, ladies.

I will add one more thing: it's important to keep conversations off of that thread in order to preserve it as a long-running Gallery resourse. Or post a cool splash with a question.Starpooh, you have this thread archived elsewhere, don't you? I don't recall what I did yesterday... so this will be a challenge!

When I started that thread, a fabulous thread of Forum Member's own gorgeous backsplashs inadvertantly fell of the Gallery pages. That was quite a loss. Many beautiful, unique designer-quality backsplashes that were made with the help of forum ideas, advice and opinions.

I'll be back!

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Cup ~ where have you been young lady - lol?

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Thanks Cup, I appreciate your efforts.Jillypie

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Well, last summer I bought my four daughters dollhouse kits, where you pay lots and lots of money for a box of wood that's in lots and lots of little pieces. Now, I'd like to say that I've finished them, but I've only finished one, and just the shell at that!

So when I'm on the computer these days for the most part, I'm looking at pictures of miniature houses and tiny light fixtures, furnishings, wallpaper, architectural elements, etc. Trying to get ideas on how to incorporate as many realistic details in each girls house, have each house have it's own look (that's hard), and give my girls something to collect and treasure. You see, we have countless Barbies and Beanies, baby dolls and blocks, teasets and scores of books, scooters, bikes, Legos, Lincoln logs, etc. So many toys! I decided that our project for last summer (and of course, it's turned into this summer as well) would be able to house many birthday and Christmas gifts for years to come, their gifts would be good things to fill the house. So this past year I have not had to buy plastic toys for my girls for the first time in a very long time.

Here's a link to a finished house just like the kit that I bought for each girl. It's called the Vermont Farm House and it opens at the front (the entire front swings open, porch and all) and is completely closed at the back (unlike regular dollhouses which are open at the back). This link shows the color of the house belong to my 16 year old daughter. The kits I purchased were $125 each. Thanks for asking!

Here is a link that might be useful: Yellow Farm House

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Well, I tried to remember the kind of September..... No wait, I tried to remember the backsplash in that inactive link (and in fact I thought I did remember it until I discovered it was another one still active on that thread), but alas, my memory is serving the forum poorly.

But I did find the home page of "GlassicArt" who must have made that splash, since that is the name in the URL of the dead link. So, here's a link to GlassicArt, maker of incredible glass backsplashes and more.

Any by the way, the first post on that thread, the white range mantle with the brilliant red tile backsplash, still takes my breath away two years later. I would design a kitchen around that look. Thanks to Sharon for finding it for me, so very long ago in Forum-time.

Here is a link that might be useful: GlassicArt

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Wow, what a nice house, Cup!

We bought DD#1 a dollhouse kit many, many years ago. It became an ongoing project, like you say, looking for items to make her house a special home. It's fun and definitely a great creative outlet. I actually 'shingled' the roof - lol I bet your girls have the best dollhouse kitchen ever!

It's so good to hear from you - take care and have fun with the girls!

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