Buying tiger wood online HELP!!

diy_mom_3October 26, 2010

Hello! I am a newbie to this forum. i am looking to buy 1300sf of tigerwood. Anyone has experience purchasing hardwood online? I look at LL but on-line retailers seem to have better deals. Please help!

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I assume by tiger wood you mean fiddle back maple or curly maple. I used to buy mine from Sandy Pond Hardwoods. They had top quality at a good price. They are in Pa.

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BR-111 has some nice looking Tigerwood, so does Lowes.

I just took delivery on some engineered Timborana from BR-111 that I ordered online. It looks really nice and I'm going to be installing it this weekend.


Here is a link that might be useful: br111

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The only negative I've heard of Bellawood was that there was more waste than normal.

After I finish my BR111 Timborana install (I love it), I think I've decided on Tigerwood for the master bedroom.

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Thanks everyone for your feedback. I actually leaning towards the BR-111 tigerwood. I found a local retailer that is willing to match the on-line price. He also told me about a brand called bella cera. anyone heard of that brand?

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Last month we purchased Tigerwood online from BR-111. I called them a couple of times with questions and felt the support was pretty good. Ordering was easy. We asked them to hold the shipment until this week so we would receive it when our schedule was ready. So I can't speak to the actual product yet but I'd not hesitate to order from them. I did notice when I pulled up the product on the website that they raised the price from $6.49 SF when I ordered (and paid for) it to $8.69 now....pretty steep increase...glad I paid for mine when I did.


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Same here with the price increase. The price of my flooring increased 33% since I bought it last week. The other online sellers still have the lower prices.

BR111 has very good customer service. I accidentally order 6 inch wide instead of 3 inch wide and they stopped the shipment and canceled the order for me. My new flooring arrived 4 days later.

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I personally like Bellawood. Someone said something about more waste with Bellawood? That has NOTHING to do with the wood, and EVERYTHING to do with the installer.
By the way, there are a lot of different woods known as "tiger wood" usually it just refers to a brindle pattern.

If you want an immaculate floor, go for Bellawood Brazilian Koa. Lumber Liquidators is a great hardwood resource. You can order it online, and pick it up at one of their warehouses and save a fortune in shipping.

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