7 year old home needing new floor, help?

julie825October 10, 2013

Seven years ago we built a house and I made some stupid flooring choices, now I need help. I put a light beige tile in my kitchen with a light grout. Supposedly the grout would not stain if sealed. It has been sealed 3 times now and still looks filthy after a short time. Magic eraser is the only thing that will clean it and now the grout is eroding from the magic eraser. Also it is a huge area to clean a little over 22 feet long.
My entryway, dining room and hall have Brazillian Cherry hardwood. That leads into an open living area/dining/kitchen. The living area is carpeted, a Black and Tan speckled. So when standing in that area, you can see 3 different floorings. What was I thinking? The Brazillian Cherry is not made anymore by the company and is way too dark for my kitchen. I hate the tile, hard on my legs and back and nothing is wrong with my carpet, other than color. Suggestions? I have looked at Alterna, but am concerned about the vinyl out gassing and chemicals. Also laminate hardwood, but that looks odd when meeting up with the Brazillian cherry at the dining room entry.

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Is it an open concept living room/kitchen? If so, I would replace the flooring in both the kitchen and living room to match. If that's not in the budget right now, one thing you can do is to scrape out the top layer of grout (they have a tool to do this at Home Depot) and then you can apply a darker grout on top of it. I did this in a shower once and it worked great. There are some carpeted mats you can get in the kitchen that have foam in them and they help tremendously, so you could try those and see if they help. Then when you are ready to replace the living room carpet, you could replace the kitchen to match as well, giving a more consistent look.

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Epoxy grout colorant is your friend until you can afford to do the whole job, which is all of your downstairs flooring in the same material. You don't want to end up with a patchwork again.

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I will definitely check out some of these suggestions. We live in the north central Midwest and need carpet for our family area. I love my cherry floor, but it is way too dark for my kitchen on the north side of the house that has dark cherry cabs and black granite counters. It would be a cave. I am looking at Alterna And Earthwerks vinyl tile. I have 2 fifty pound dogs also.

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Thought I would update everyone. I had the kitchen/dining and hallway to garage quoted for Alterna. I am kind of depressed. I need 500 Sq. feet and even though they think they can put something over the tile to even it out before installing Alterna, it will cost in the $5000 range. My husband just looked at me when I told him. No answer. I am now thinking of buying a rug to put under the kitchen table. I currently have 5 scatter rugs/runners throughout the area and after 7 years they need to be replaced. The only problem there is being unable to wash a rug as large as one that would be under my kitchen table.

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