Cupping hardwood

kntryhumanOctober 2, 2010

I had a leak in the ice maker line and didn't know until it was too late. I noticed last week that 6 Brazilian Cherry boards in the middle of the room are cupping very badly. We have open cell foam under the house and the water was dripping through the insulation and down the beams but not actually puddling on the floor inside.

The Cherry is 3/4" thick. Would it be better to let it dry out and sand it down as smooth as possible or take those boards out. The problem is, they go under the kitchen "L" shaped cabinets and granite.

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Sorry to hear about your leak and collateral damage

The good news is hardwood can be forgiving. The narrower the boards the better the chances are for recovery. Do all that you can to dry out the area - commercial dryers, dehumidifiers -

It may take weeks before the boards settle -

Other variables are where you live, what season it is.

Cupping is not something that can be typically sanded out

good luck

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The wood is 5" wide, not narrow. I know we won't be able to get all the cupping out with sanding but at least we can take off some of the ridges.

We're in southern Louisiana. Right now, the weather is dry and cool, 80's day and 50's night.

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if its factory finished then doing a board replacement is pretty easily done. If its site finished then more sanding and refinishing would be needed. I'd give it a few weeks and see what happens.

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Get the wood dried ASAP, use a commercial company, Serve Pro etc. The longer you wait the more compression damage to the edges. Once it is dry the floor can be sanded correctly, if needed. Do not sand before it is completely dry.
The damaged flooring can also be replaced. Matching flooring is most likely available.

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It can take months (sometimes many moths, and often a heating season) for the moisture to move back out of the wood.

Do not be in any rush to try and sand.

Once the sanding is done and the wood continues to dry it will have shallow grooves sanded in.

If there is enough wood left you can sand it flat again, but watch out for running out of wood over the tongues if the wood is T&G.

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