Are new types of grout more dirt resistant?

leennpOctober 19, 2013

We are considering putting a lighter color wood look plank in our kitchen remodel. I have light tile floors in current hours, the old 12x12 kind with old style wide grout lines with grout that originally was as light as the floors, now they are a dark brownish, grayish dirty look that stick out like a sore thumb! I can lighten them by scrubbing with baking soda and peroxide or really any cleaner, but even with sealing, they go back to looking dirty and prominent. Well the flooring guys assures me I will not have that problem now, says new types of grout do not show dirt like that, plus the wood look tile is rectified tile, and grout line will be tiny 1/16". So should I believe him? Just don't want to regret the decision, love the tile we are considering but not if will hate the grout in 5-10 years! Any suggestions on type of grout I should ask for?

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Even with the rectified wood-look tiles, if you aren't careful, you'll get "cupping" with them and a 1/16" joint is pretty ambitious for even the best tile mechanic. Also, the floor must be FLAT to make it work. Go 1/8" and match the grout to the tile.

Understand that grout will NOT repel stains....sealers simply make it easier to clean.

Best recommendation is to use either "Quartzlock ll" or "Fusion" grout. The first is urethane based and the second is silicone based. Either is pretty resistant to most stains and never needs sealing. The "Gold Standard" is epoxy grout, but be prepared to pay MUCH more for the product AND the installation.

(Opinion worth price paid)

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Thanks for response, I think the grout they were talking about using was the Quarzlock, name sounds familiar. The flooring person was the one who suggested the 1/16" grout line, will be laid on concrete slab which they said they will "prep" first, but will have a conversation with them over "cupping" The tiles we are considering are Happy Floors, hickory honey planks. So when you say resistant to most stains and never need sealing, does that mean the grout line will not look dirty/darker over time?

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I've found that the Quartzlock II retains it's colour very well over the long haul. Can it get dirty? Sure, what can't?...but it seems to repel most "permanent" stains and cleans up easy. Use a neutral PH cleaner on it and clear water to rinse....

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We used epoxy grout on most of our tile floors, and while it does get dirty over time, it cleans up easily, so retains no permanent staining.

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