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berniewindFebruary 21, 2012

Hello -

I recently purchased a home and as part of the transaction a new furnace was to be installed and paid by the seller. I received a quote from a local contractor and contract specifically indicated the installation of a Carrier 58STA090114 80% efficient upflow furnace. When we did the walk through I noticed that a Payne 80% efficient unit was installed instead without any message from the contractor. I know these are both probably low end but I just wanted to know if it's worth making a stink over this. Is there a big cost difference between these two units. What about quality. Thanks in advance.


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Model number would help.

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Payne PG8M
Carrier 58STA090114


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Payne is part of Carrier Corp. The Payne furnaces are made in Carrier factories.

The Carrier 58STA is the known as the Base model. Is the builder grade unit in the Carrier line up. The Payne products are generally marketed to builders. I took a quick look at the product data for each furnace. As far as I can tell they are the same furnace with different labels. The quality of the furnaces should be equal.

Make sure the Payne furnace is also a 90,000 BTU input. I believe Carrier and Payne both offer a 10 year parts warranty, but you should verify this. The furnace must be registered in order to be covered for 10 years. The labor warranty is one year. Find out if you can purchase a 10 year labor warranty. It may turn out to be a good insurance policy.

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Whose name is in the contract, yours or the sellers. If it's in the sellers, is the warranty transferable?


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Both those furnaces are low end.

You need to find out the warranty on the Payne furnace. It may need to be registered properly to receive the warranty. Plus it may only have a 10 yr warranty on heat exchanger which is very poor.

Check with installing dealer ASAP.


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