Commercial Carpet in a Home??

sharon_midtnOctober 15, 2009

Hi, I need to replace carpeting in our finished, walk-out basement. The previous owners had put in a kitchen carpet, which has been great, but the rubber backing is breaking down after many years. If they still sold kitchen carpet that's what I'd replace it with and I'm looking for something similar. The basement has a large rec room and office and the whole area gets used a lot. It has a door to the back yard and gets a lot of in and out traffic by both me and my husband doing yard work and gardening. Also it has big windows and I need something that doesn't get faded by the light. I need something durable, doesn't fade, easy to clean etc. because of the high traffic. Also we've had minor water problems in the past and I *think* we have those issues solved. The old carpet was great because I just used a wet vac to get the water up or if it was just a little water, towels worked. I'm thinking that maybe I want a commercial carpet that can be glued down or with a very thin mat. Anybody have experience or knowledge about commercial carpet or a home carpet that would met my needs? I do want something that looks nice and feels okay with bare feet, I just don't think the typical home carpet and nice mat would be right for this area.

I know tile sounds like the perfect solution but I don't want it for several reasons.

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my basement has a very basic level loop commercial carpeting direct glued. Its gotten wet at least 10 times due to foundation leaks and dries up and stays just fine. The adjoining room with padding has had to be replaced. going the glue down route will definitely help with moisture issues but won't feel very soft underfoot. Your probably going to have to 'scrape' the kitchen cpt off so be prepared for some floor prep. Using a commercial carpeting is done all the time. A store I buy from has contract rems from Atlas and its very high style and fashionable. If you go that route you will be happy but the basic crap they sell at Home depot isn't really cosidered commercial. Try to find an in stock flooring store in your area and you will get some ideas.

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Sharon, our finished walkout basement sounds just like yours. We built our house 20 years ago and had commercial carpet glued to the concrete floor in the finished portion. It has some type of very thin pad/moisture barrier material but the carpet is not plush at all and has worn very well over these 20 years.

I don't have a clue of the brand name or carpet type other than we were told it is the same type commonly used in libraries where they have to push heavy carts loaded with books. My husband is in a wheelchair and we needed a carpet that would not leave tracks and is also easy for him to push his chair over.

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Thank you both so much! I feel much better after your comments and feel like I'm finally headed in the right direction! Boxers I agree about using an in-stock flooring store instead of HD or other big chain. I have a flooring store that I've dealt with and like when I was looking for something else. I take it that 'Atlas' is a carpet manufacturer and you recommend them?

Lmalm53, I assume the pad was separate, did not come attached to the carpet? So did you glue the pad down and then glue the carpet to the pad?

Well, I'm off to visit the carpet stores. Will come back if I have other questions. Thanks Boxer and Lmalm!

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if you use any pad, even a thin nylon or wool pad if it gets wet you have to replace it but if you glue down direct I've able to pick up the water without disturbing the carpeting. Good luck in the search.

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Was very interested in learning more after reading this.... Can commercial carpet really be glued directly to concrete floors? I thought the carpet stores (or what they told me at Home Depot) said you had to apply either DriCore or some kind of sub-floor before any type carpet could be put down. (And mine isn't a wet basement - except for the occasional - as described herein.) Doesn't the cold of the floor come right through the carpet in this case?

Have you by chance gotten some estimate about cost/yard for a moderate priced good? My preference would be to go the remnant way, as well, but I have no idea how the cost compares to regular by-the-yard carpet.

Thank you!

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I had a high end Durkin commercial carpet in my home once. Good looking product, but ultimately I replaced it with a traditional residential cut pile. Commercial carpet is glued directly to concrete all the time.

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Thanks, jbranch, ... so much for asking the guys at Home Depot..

I would expect it feels a little warmer than cement, though there isn't much between the elements...?

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I went to my local carpet/flooring store today and this is what I found: Shaw, Rambler, level loop, 100% Permacolor Polypropylene, Solution Dyed. It's a low level loop that can be glued directly to the floor. The price on the sample shows for 20 oz. pile is 10.99 per sq. yd/1.22 per sq. ft. If you want the 26 oz. pile it is 11.99 per sq. yd/1.33 per sf. I can't tell the difference from looking or touch between the 20 and 26 oz., therefore I'm leaning toward the 20 oz. The lady in the store said that I'll be sick of looking at it way before it wears out (talking about the 20 oz.). That sounds good to me!

So that's the price info for those interested. It's offered in 26 different colors but most are medium to darker colors but there are a couple of lighter colors that will work for me. I think it looks nice enough to even put in the guest bedroom downstairs...was thinking of putting something 'nicer' since water has never been an issue in that area, but I'm happy to just run this through the entire basement. This particular store I went to had many other lines by Shaw to look at. Many quite nice, with patterns, etc., this is just the one that I liked best. I went to another store but didn't care for what little they carried in the way of commercial/glue down carpet. So those of you interested in commercial glue down carpet you may need to call/visit several stores before finding one that offers much in selection.

Boxer does this sound like an appropriate carpet for my needs? I appreciate your help!

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Additional info for those interested. After I brought the sample home today, the first thing I did was test the feel under my bare feet and found it quite acceptable. I go bare foot all the time and that was a concern. Of course, it's not as soft and cushy as regular carpet but it wasn't scratchy or unpleasant. Similar to what you find in some hotel rooms.

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I think I'll look at that when i go looking for flooring in a few wks. I need something for my craft room and the desk/file cab/book room. what I'm looking at now is about 23.00 a sq yd. to me that's a lot for a craft room etc.

tho, I might just end up with vinyl in there.

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there are differences in nylon and polypropolene that the above posters indirectly mentioned.. The Atlas and Durkan brands were constructed of a different material (nylon 6.6)then what you are looking at. Poly is very inexpensive and is a home grade product that is rarely used in commercial environments. Construction of the carpet it also important.

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