O/T Breezy could use a lift

Angie_DIYMay 4, 2012

Dear GW community,

For such a well-trafficked forum, we are still something of a family. A large, extended, many-interested, sometimes unruly family, each with many cares, joys, and concerns. One of our family members, Breezygirl, is suffering right now. She received some bad news about her father recently. She conveyed this in the "New to Kitchens" thread, a pained voice seeking an outlet among friends. There are not many of us regulars who actually look at that thread, so I have decided to start a thread over on Conversations. (Click here.)

I have communicated privately with Breezy, and know that she would welcome your support over in that forum.

For now, please don't bump this thread, at least not until it begins to sink in a few days. Instead, use the "Conversations" thread. We don't make enough use of that forum, and this the kind of thing it was meant for.

Dear Wendy, on behalf of the GW KF, please accept our thoughts, prayers and support.

Here is a link that might be useful: Thread for Breezy on Conversations forum

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Oops, this was supposed to be the one on the KF proper. Please ignore this thread and go to the one I linked above.

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