trane xr-16/tam7/visionpro iaq v.2 questions

JBRoberts38February 17, 2013

I am having to make some choices to tell the installer this week, and need some help.

1. I have lineset of 3/8-3/4, and understand that ideally it should be 3/8-5/8. New 5/8 line is $250 for 50' line about 17' lateral, 17" up. Efficiency? Lengevity?

2. Lineset used for R-22. What should I look for as best Purge for oil? I understand there is R-11; some use Nitro, some use CO2.

3. I understand that VIsionPro IAQ with 4 stages heat some way controls 2 stage compressor, 2 stages heat strips. Does it also control 2 stages of compressor during cooling? If it can, should I? I will have outdoor sensor, and can have separate humidistat (close on rise) or use the one on VisionPro IAQ.. Which will be most effective way for this system to be configured to remove humidity?


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1. Determined by the manufacturer of the equipment. It's all in the manual.

2. Seems that should be up to the installer....if they are qualified.

Here ask this question to the installer: "Are you willing to absolutely guarantee there will be no issues and feel comfortable doing it that way?"

After all, the installer will be the person coming back if there are problems.

3. Call Honeywell and tell them your thinking about purchasing this unit and ask them......or your installer.

User manual:

Also see below for installation.

Refer to this similar question:

Here is a link that might be useful: Vision Pro iaq installation manual

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I could be wrong, but I don't see any harm having a line set which is the next size larger than the minimum. The manufacturer usually will specify the minimum diameter. The diameter needs to increase in size for long runs.

If the lineset is easy to replace, then I recommend to spend the money and replace it. This solves the problem on what is the proper method of cleaning. It also puts all the responsibility on the contractor in case there is a leak. The manufacturer will specify how the lineset should be cleaned if you do decide to keep it.

The Vision Pro thermostat can control a 2-stage AC condenser. If you live a area with high humidity then spending the extra money on a 2-stage condenser is worth it in my opinion. I would use the humidity control on the thermostat. It is probably more accurate than your current humidstat.

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If you replace, save the old lineset, clean it up if needed, and take it to a scrap metal dealer for it's scrap copper value. Might give you a nice dinner for two.


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