Help with Furnace in Attic, Ventilation/Insulation Question?

JasonDavidFebruary 3, 2012

Hi all,

We have an existing zoned gas-furnace in our attic which we are currently finishing. Our question is how do we properly insulate the attic keeping in mind that we have a furnace which needs fresh air to function? Do we keep it separate from the finished attic space or do we insulate the entire attic with the furnace and draw fresh air through large vents to the finished space?


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You can go either way. The air supply should be with a device designed for the task and interlocked with the furnace so if there is no air supply, the furnace will not start.

I would do both if it is possible. Give the furnace its own space sealed off from the living space. Install an interlocked air supply.

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