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olga_6bMarch 25, 2012

I am considering buying a food mill. I am a serious cook and make a lot of preserves, sauces, etc. but somehow was always using a mesh strainer and a spoon instead of food mill. Recent post about tomato sauce and comment from somebody that you can't make sause w/o mill made me wonder, if I am missing something. Of course I know you can make a lot of good sauce with just strainer, but it is always quite intense and, as with age my wrists are not what they used to be, I probably will benefit from food mill.

If you have one that you like, please tell me which brand. I will probably use it a lot, so I need it to be reliable and robust. Thank you very much in advance.


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Hi! I love my Victorio Strainer. Got my first one back in 1983 when the woman who owned the oldest orchard in Madison County, Indiana lived down the road from us and showed me how she did tons of apples for apple butter with it. Went and bought one right away and have been so happy with it. Unfortunately, when we moved to our present location in 1987, DH stored it somewhere and I never did find it. Got on Ebay and bought another one. Went back on Ebay and bought another one for my sister. Wouldn't be without one now.

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I have a Foley food mill and one of those chinese hat things with the wooden masher.....AND a cuisinart, which I use lots more than either of the other two.
I only use a mill when I want to separate seeds and skin from in apples and cranberries to make jelly.
For peaches, blue berries, pears, strawberries, cherries etc...I just zap the fruit in the FP.

Linda C

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I have Mother's old Squeezo, the all metal precursor to the Victorio. Elery has a Victorio, with a lot more plastic parts. Both work fine.

I use mine a lot, I can run a half bushel of apples (cooked) through it in 15 minutes or so, the peels and seeds come right out the other end and I have sauce that I then can or cook down for apple butter.

I use it when making tomato sauce for catsup or for making tomato juice for canning, but I find that I don't use it much when it's not canning season. If I want to make just a small amount of sauce, or I want to puree some vegetables for soup I'll use the Foley food mill and if I'm just making a single pie with homecanned pumpkin chunks or something like that, I'll just put the stuff in the food processor or blender, puree it and pour it through a sieve to catch any stray fibers.

So, I use them all but during canning season I wouldn't give up that old Squeezo.


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Thank you. It looks like Victorio or Squeezo for big tasks and Foley for small jobs.
I will probably start from Foley and see. I looked at Amazon and several people say that new Foley is not as good as old Foley FM. Probably I can get one at e-bay. I wonder is Squeezo produced now is comparable in quality to old ones.

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Olga, hardly anything produced today is comparable in quality to the old ones, unfortunately.

For the price they want for a Squeezo, though, it sure ought to still be a darned good piece of equipment!


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That is why I want to start from Foley :) Not ready to spend that much for food mill.

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Love my Victorio! Found it at a garage sale for $5!!
I have an old (red wood handle) Foley type and a Chinois strainer type with the wood masher like LindaC mentioned.

I also use my FP for small amounts and things that don't require seed/skin removal.

Different tools for different jobs. The Victorio is mostly used for large batch apples, tomatoes, grapes (occasionally and with a screen purchased separately). It lives in the garage until about July, then stays in an extra room.


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