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flashtacoFebruary 23, 2013

Background: I purchased a home built in the 1950's. the home was expanded with an addition on first floor. A second floor was added on top of first floor at that time. We put in some (5) new windows. The current system is a 100btu 95eff pulse 21v natty gas. The AC is also Lennox 4 ton. Both units are 22 years old and we need to replace. I live in South Dakota. The house is 2000 sq foot 1st, 500 2nd, and 1000 basement. I requested 3 bids. The products offered are trane, Lennox and American standard. I received my first bid. All bids include tax, rebates, credit, install. No thermostat since I had upgraded the same in a remodel a few years ago. Also note the install will require new outlet pipe which all said will cost some but isn't difficult because of easy access.

Option 1
Cx34 coil

Option 2
Cx34 coil

Option 3
Cx34 coil
Xc 16

Thoughts? Price, size, benefits of different units?

Extra: the house did have a harmony zone system 3 zones with 2 or 3 more expandable. but the dampers r sketchy. We remodeled and opened the house up by removing walls and the need for zones was not a huge concern. We will not be putting a zone system back in. Thank you in advance


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Nothing is said about size of furnace and AC quoted.

Most homeowners are not aware that basements below or even partially below grade have small cooling and heating loads. Any hot/cold spots in home with existing system?

Have you requested a load calc be performed for correct sizing of new HVAC?

Where will furnace be located?

You will get the best comfort and floor to floor temperature consistency with zoning controls using just one system.

What about whole house media filter cabinet?

What model thermostat?

Post back!


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Ty tigerdunes.

Furnace is in basement. The current bid did a load calc but I didn't pay attention. He had the sheet. The furnace were all 100k btu AC was 4 ton in bids.. The bids included a hc10 filtration. No stat . The stats I have r Honeywell with removable touch screen and remote. He said that was the stat they would use for system to control the 2 stage. We haven't had issues with hot/cold spots yet. The home faces east and has copious amount of shade. The second story addition is on west side without any shade. The 1st floor addition also on west side without any shade and have 3 sets of triple French glass doors to outside so some draft issues

The load. One of the other techs mentioned his load calc came out to needing a smidge more than 90k btu at 95 eff but he was going to bid me out at 100k at same time he would explain his load calc at that time. He is getting back to me next week. All of the bids will be from local installers small shops. I don't live in a densely populated area.

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I don't believe that heating load nor the fact that you need 100 KBTU furnace. Request the load calc in writing on the software letterhead. In fact, you need another load calc. Oversize is bad for comfort and operating cost.

What size AC?

Those prices are very frisky for the mediocre model furnaces quoted. The XC condenser is fine.


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Ty tigerdunes. I will request a load calc. The AC is 4 ton.

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The area I live in has some unique weather. Historically we have 10+ days above 100 and 43 above 90. We also have 20 nights below 0. It is located on the open prairie so winds in winter r brutal. I think the one tech said 85k heat load. He was going to do 90 btu at 95 eff. I will get everything in writing to confirm.

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I just received two other bids. The contractors showed me my load calc (85K to 90K).

The first bid was a Trane

4TTB3048 AC (4 ton)

add ons: Humidifier $320, Clean Effets 950 and/or Aprilaire Air Filter 190.

Other bid was for Coleman since the A/S wouldn't fit
COLEMAN TM9V100, 2 STAGE 96% with variable speed
Cleman TCJF48 (4 ton, 14.75)
Honeywell F100 Merv 11 medai air cleaner
New outlet pipe
Remove existing zone but would add a heat run in basemant and would have a damper sinstalled.
$8,114 (less about 1000 in rebates and tax credits and if paid in cash).


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