i recieved a RAK today!

Lisa_in_GermanyMarch 12, 2012

Annie1992 sent me a package today that contained a bag of masa to make corn tortillas. The pckage also contained candy for the kids and......Pancake syrup! The kids and I love "fake" syrup for our pancakes but it is not available here so Annie sent some in the package. It probably hurt her soul that it wasn't maple syrup but it sure made us all happy tonight. LOL

Thank you so much, Annie.


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Lisa, you are right, it did hurt to buy Mrs. Butterworth's and Log Cabin, LOL. Even Sandy, the friendly clerk at the local grocery scanned those bottles and said "Are the kids visiting? I know YOU don't eat this stuff." LOL

Enjoy it all, and I hope to see that you've made homemade tortillas soon. I roll mine out by hand between sheets of plastic wrap because I like them thinner than the tortilla press made them.

The kids would probably love to help you roll them out! Kids are helpful like that. (grin)

Oh, but what's RAK?


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RAK = Random act of kindness! And you did a lovely one Annie.

Lisa, how lovely to get a package from Annie from Michigan. I know you and your family will enjoy all of it. Can't wait to hear how the tortillas come out. I've never made them either.


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How sweet is that and what a nice surprise for you!

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Way to go Annie!

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Got to love Annie.

Lisa you and your kids are going to love your homemade corn tortillas.



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What a nice thing to do Annie. Lisa enjoy!

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Wow, I did a RAK and I didn't even know it! LOL

Much like the rest of my life where I just go ahead and do stuff, not really knowing what I'm doing. (grin)

When Lisa said she couldn't get masa in Germany, I thought it was just wrong. (grin) If she wants to make homemade tortillas, she should be able to. Yeah, masa harina equality in the world!!


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