Tieks: Size Up or Down?

kswl2July 26, 2014

I want to order a pair of vegan Tieks, a ballet flat that is produced in whole sizes only. The website says to size down unless you regularly size up...not sure how to interpret that. I'm a pretty standard size 8.5 shoe. Anyone else here size down for this particular shoe?

Here is a link that might be useful: Tieks

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kswl, now you have me wanting a pair, I have wide feet so I would get my regular size, 8. I am smitten with the Starstruck for now, although their website is so delicious looking I want them in all colours. They are expensive but if they deliver what their video says, I'm willing to give them a try.

I still have a few pairs of Bloc ballet flats from years ago, I can walk miles in them, although they do not have the cushioning of the Tieks.

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After reading multiple blog entries and reviews about the Tieks, I decided to go up one size. I'll let you know how those feel when I get them.

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Thanks mitchdesi! I have a friend who wears almost nothing but these shoes, and she's on her feet a lot. Hotter brand shoes are also very comfy but their ballet flats are not as cute as these. Come back with a full report :-)

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I definitely will !! I justify the price by telling myself that since I can't wear expensive sexy high heels, I save money over time .

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Lol, true---you can buy several pair of Tieks for the cost of one Jimmy Choo. I think I must be in a tiny minority of people who don't like Choos shoes....in college we had a name for that kind of shoe!

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Order both! I was excited about Hotter but had to return what I ordered. I didn't like how they send padding. To make the shoe fit.

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I like the polka dot and Brentwood vegan Tieks! I also love the leather floral ones but I have already a beautiful new pair of floral d'orsay flats and, well.....one pair of floral shoes is one thing.....

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I love my Tieks. I have the classic (non-vegan) black leather. I have a friend with patents and vegan and classic. I have kind of long narrow feet (with a bit more normal width heel) and wear a 9, occasionally an 8.5 in a sandal to get it narrower. I bought a 9 and it seemed a bit gappy and wide at first but after they warm up on your feet they seem to shape to your feet. They are still a bit wide so my foot is less stable walking than in some flats (ie Tory Burch Revas) but I recently took them to Wash DC and walked miles in hot humid weather and I was happy for the extra space in them.

My friend has wide feet with narrow heels and wears a 8.5 or 9 and bought 9s. Her experience is the classic (yes, leather) mold to your feet much better than the fabric ones, they are cute but fabric is never going to fit like leather. She bought the patent for a wedding after knee surgery and they don't fit as well either.

I don't really have bunions but have a slight bit of a bone there and they do hit on that, I was just talking Tieks a couple of days ago with the friend mentioned above and she said she found the same thing. Both of us have to kind of move the shoe with your hand every once in awhile, it kind of grabs there. More on one foot than the other for me.

Their service and packaging is great. I am looking at more - can't decide between Cobalt and CA Navy....I like the Sunset Stripe but really doubt they would fit well.

The other thing that is not totally clear until looking at them in real life is they all have a bit of brown between the sole and shoe at the heel end...cute signature details, but to me, that and the bright soles and stripe up the back makes them rather casual looking.

I would give them a 4-4.5 out of 5 and will likely buy at least one more pair.

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mine are scheduled for delivery today !!!!!!

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I sized up and they were way too big, reordered in my size,
will keep you posted.

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