Inexpensive flooring option??

twingleOctober 5, 2012

My house needs a ton of work, so I have to do it in stages. I am hoping to enlarge my kitchen/great room area by taking over my garage. So the new great room area will be 25 x 25. I would love to have wood floors but money will be really tight. Any ideas? I have 4 boys (8-12rs old) and a 110 lb puppy. So it needs to take abuse and clean well. Thxs

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An idea I always wanted to try and haven't yet. You could take OSB like 1/2" and cut it into squares say 18" or 24" and glue it down with a wood flooring glue. Basically, you're making wood tiles. You could tight lay or leave grout lines and use black grout. Buff it with a buffer to smooth out any splinters and then put some finish over it. The floor will be warm on the feet and the variety of the OSB will hide the wear and tear from the boys. There is 32 sq ft in a sheet of OSB so that should be about .50 sq ft for the wood and you could sand and refinish the floor when it gets thrashed. Don't think you could get much cheaper. Would like to see some pics if you decide to go this route.

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Here's a link for plywood flooring. My aunt and uncle did something similar in their summer cabin and they love it!

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I think that is GREAT!!!! I live in a old farmhouse that we are redoing. I hope the floors in the living room are good but if they arent i am going to try this

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WOW that looks amazing what a fabulous idea!! I might just use it!

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When I did "budget update" for my kitchen I wanted a wood floor, I bought Costco's Bamboo Strand. The price was 59 a box, someone else figured it out to be 2.07 sq ft, he used all pieces, I discarded pieces which I didn't like. Just another idea.

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