Happy Spring! (pics)

adoptedbygreyhoundsApril 14, 2006

Wishing everyone a Happy Spring!

Also, a joyous Easter and a wonderfull Passover!

Wish I could say these photos are of my yard, but they were taken in the neighborhood. The yard is always beautiful, but it was outstanding this year. I just felt like sharing. Enjoy!

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Masses of tulips are my favorite thing !

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That is just beautiful!

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The yard is definitely not in my neighborhood, where the deer would have already decapitated the tulips, so I am enjoying vicariously.

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That is so beautiful and my second thought was exactly what aanaleef said. I was noticing this morning what has already been devoured on our property. I love the woods, nature and wildlife though so I just go with the flow and enjoy these beautiful things elsewhere - like in this photo - thanks for sharing!

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Beautiful beyond words !!!
Thanks for sharing !!!

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My pleasure!

Here are a few more...

Yellow tulips, my favorite...

And don't forget to take time to smell the tulips!

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Absolutely beautiful!!

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oh adopted they are beautiful! And so are your pups!
They smell wonderful, too. Oh, that's the hyacinth plant I had to buy for myself for Easter. At least DS was with me, so hopefully he'll learn how to treat his wife when he grows up. :-)

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