Does Radiant heat need a seperate Humidifier?

Liberty2February 22, 2012

Hi Everyone, new to the forum and building a new house, hope to break ground in May. I am planning on Radiant floors (a warm board or similar product). If you have radiant heat can you advise if i will need additional humidification in the home. the home is in long island NY, i currently use a stand alone one for my home now that has base board heat and will get a bit dry on the real cold days.

I would appreciate feedback of people who have it in their homes and if they regret not having or if they have it how they did it? Would i pump it through the AC ducts?

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Keep in mind that a well-sealed house will have minimal humidification requirements compared to a leaky one. There is no significant difference between the source of heat, forced air, radiant in floor, radiant baseboard ,etc in the humidity except that these might affect air leakage (forced air with ducts outside of the house envelope). I expect that you will find that in the same geographic area, compared to an old, leaky home, you will find that on those real cold days is the only time you will want the humidifier.

I don't think you can use the most common humidifiers in AC ducts when they are not used for heating. You are likely to get condensation running out of the ducts. I could be wrong, there might be a way to do it.

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Are you going to install radiant heating throughout the house?

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Thanks, that makes sense and i plan on the home being energy star and super insulated. I do plan on using radiant heat throughout the entire house.

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