I'm not getting follow-ups e-mailed to me...

sarahandbrayApril 7, 2006

I feel like kind of an idiot about this--I checked to make sure gardenweb has the right address--they do. I checked the box that says I want responses sent to me--and it didn't work.

I've posted a few threads and now I have to keep hunting for them so I don't feel like I ignored the helpful people who have responded.

What did I do wrong??

Sarah from Selkirk, NY

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Nothing. THEY are having an issue. E-mail technical support and tell them what is going on. You will find the link at the bottom of this page. Scroll down tot he Green box. Look to the right--see the link that says "contact us?" click on it. That will take you to to page that says "Mailing Garden Web." You will find an e-mail form. In the form there is a line that says "Nature of Message"--with a pull down arrow. Scroll down until you find the topic "Technical difficulties with our site." Highlight it--and then tell the admins what the issue is.

I went through all the steps, because it's not very intuitive. (At least I don't thinks so!) This is also the form you can use to reprt abuse of the site, such as someone who is OBVIOUSLY using the site for advertising, or a blatalnly political posting--that sort of thing.


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Thanks so much Melanie! That makes me feel better--I e-mailed them like you said. I've only ever been on one other forum (babycenter.com), so it's not like I'm an expert at this stuff--but I just couldn't figure out what I did wrong!

Thanks again! Let's see if that works!

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S&B--You are welcome.

Another way to keep up with your posts--if you can't find the thread to check on it--do a search in the appropriate forum with your user name as the search parameter. It SHOUDL pop up all the threads you've posted on. I did a quick search--and have linked the results below--just as a demonstration of what happens.

Of course, this only works when the "search" function is working!


Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen forum search results

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