Installing Laminate

caseykeesOctober 1, 2012


I purchased back in April 7 boxes of "Major Brand - 7mm Maybry Mills Oak Laminate" from Lumber Liquidators at the end of April. It was really cheap and I know you get what you pay for, but I don't think my problem is so much with the laminate as it is with my lack of knowledge of installation. I have read instructions, watched videos, checked for squareness, etc etc and I still can't seem to get the first 2 rows down. I am beyond frustrated. The pieces don't seem to be warped or damaged, but I have even tried using different pieces and still can't seem to get them to line up properly. If I get one end good, the other end isn't.

The flooring is just going in a spare bedroom that is approx 120 sq ft. We keep our freezer in there, as well as a linen closet. Other than that, it is considered our cats room. Since it is not a high traffic area, but the flooring needed to be replaced, I thought I would "try my hand" at installing laminate. That's why I didn't want to spend alot of money. Have I bitten off more than I can chew?

I am at a loss, any suggestions??



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At times the laminate may not be running true. We put 5 or 6 pieces together side to side perfectly and then run a straight line from end to end right next to the edge of the laminate to see if they are off at all. It is about the only way to tell and it appears that something is not built correctly, Common with LL Stuff.

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i will try that floortech. i really didn't think it was this hard to install. if it is not "running true" i can't use it right?

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I just installed 1200 sq ft of laminate, LR, DR, 3 halls and 3 bedrooms and closet. I had a lot of 1st and 2nd rows and they are tough and take a little finesse.

You need to get one of the two pieces to not be moving to get the damn things to click togther!. I would take pieces of laminate and use them instead of shims between the wall and my first row. Then I would set a full box of laminate on the first row to hold the laminate shim standing up. I would often also step on a portion of the first row, when tapping in the second row.

Start your room in this pattern, 1st two pieces row one, 1st piece of row two below them, 3rd piece of row one, 2nd piece of row two, 1st piece of row three, 4th piece of row one, 3rd piece of row two, 2nd piece of row three, 1st piece of row 4, etc. This stabilizes the floor and you have less movement. Don't build the entire first and second row alone.

Last row takes some finesse too, it often doesn' want to click down!

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I actually decided to give up, and just hire someone to install it for me! LOL I like to try things by myself because I find working like that relaxing. but when it comes to the point of not being relaxing anymore it's time to find someone who knows what they are doing! :)

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