Color-safe cleaner for red upholstery?

paigectApril 4, 2006

Sigh. DS threw up all over my best piece of furniture - - my red sofa - - while I was at work. I mean, of all of the places . . .

Anyway, I'm now stuck at home with very few options for cleaning this. I have already wiped up the majority with wet paper towels. Do I have to buy a special product for this? Can I used diluted vinegar? I have no idea what would be color-safe. I've never cleaned this sofa with anything but the vacuum.

Any help would be very much appreciated!

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Do you have any info on the sofa fabric? What is the cleaning code? I would probably have a service come to clean it with the machine.

Main reason why we have leather in the family room! My oldest DS was a projectile vomiting baby ... the joys of parenthood!! Good luck getting it cleaned.

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Very tough to clean some upholstery fabrics so proceed carefully. Cold water mixed with white vinegar might be the safest as the vinegar will keep the color fast if it wouldn't otherwise be but it really depends on the fabric. Might need steam cleaning. Might not be able to clean effectively.

I happen to be taking a textile class and the instructor is super expert on all this and a nationally known designer. If you find out the composition of the fabric is I can email and ask him. He's seen everything and cleaning stuff is part of the class. The red dye issue just came up in class tonight.

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rococogurl, it's a cotton duck/denim type material. I'm guessing it is mostly, if not 100%, cotton, although I can't find any tags that specify content.

Since you also mentioned it, I think I will try diluted vinegar with cold water on a spot on the back of the sofa, and see what happens. If you get any info from your instructor, I would love to hear it! Thanks so much.

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Paige -- I don't have any helpful info other than to say I'm sorry! And I hope your DS is feeling better soon!


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chispa, I somehow didn't see your post - - my ds is not a baby, and should have known better!

The blasted babysitter sat in the next room on the computer and didn't even realize what had happened. So I come home to ds asleep on couch, babysitter clueless, and couch covered. And *of course* I took yesterday off from work for an appointment for DS, so now I'm backed up and I have a huge deadline tomorrow that is *not* flexible, and no one to watch DS. He's going to have to come to work with me, with a 102 fever. Poor kid.

No mother of the year awards for me this year!

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Thanks Susan! What's keeping you up this late?

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I knew your son was older! Ours is too, but he trained us when he was a baby with his sensitive gag reflex! He has pretty much learnt to aim for the hardwood or tile, yuck. Better yet, when he feels the least bit sick he walks around the house with a bucket! LOL

Hope your son is feeling better and you got caught up at work today.

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Paige -- without knowing exact fiber content it's hard to be precise but suggestons are cold salt water first, then if that doesn't do it a little cold water mixed with clear (not blue or colored) dish soap -- not too much as it's hard to get out, sponge with cold water and blot.

Hope it helps.

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Just checking in quickly while I'm waiting for my secretary to finish something . . .

DS is in the conference room, comfortably watching t.v. and drinking ginger ale. Thank goodness he felt a little better this morning! He did have a bucket yesterday, but, well, it spilled. :-( Those sensitive gag reflex kids can be a challenge, no?!

Thanks so much for the saltwater tip. I will try that when we get home. It never would have occurred to me.

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