handscraped hickory, oak or walnut floors pictures

mpegOctober 26, 2008

Does anyone have phtos of hand-scraped hcikory, or oak floors that you love. Any down side to the handscraped look. I have wondering about refinishing in the future. Any issues?

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I'm in the same boat... I'm trying to decide on a hand-scraped hickory ...or a non handscraped finish. I'm afraid of there being too much 'wavy-ness' due to the handscraping. Any pics or comments would be greatly appreciated!

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We were ready to order our handscraped maple floors and I asked to see a floor already installed. Went to see it yesterday and was quite stunned that I didn't like it. I liked the color and pattern a lot, but not the handscraped look especially in the glare of the windows. (The pictures do not adequately show the ripples.) I love old farm house looks, so was surprised by myself. It just looked wavy and ripply, so I've inquired trying to find the same floor unscraped. Sooo, glad I looked first before buying that huge amount.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Here's another:

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I don't like that look either, too fake, and to me not a true hand scraped look. Anderson's Virgina Vintage is a nice looking floor imo. People who have chosen it love it... sort of pricey though.

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happymomof8.... what you described is kinda the feeling i'm getting. I've seen some pics of the handscraped and the pattern is sometimes a little too much for me. I don't want to make that mistake either...
Do you know what kind of wood is in the pics you posted?

Thanks for the help!

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The wood is maple, brand Wego, color, Harvest. When looking at the sample pieces, I wouldn't have thought it would look like it did installed, on the pieces it just had a nice roll to it, but installed it was ripply. Husband just brought home more samples, frustrating part is they are 500 SF short of what we need. Time needed to order is 3 months, we need it sooner, oh ugh! Hope you figure out what you want.

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Hmmm. Mine looks nothing like that! Not the greatest picture but this is walnut.....

oh - not sure if it makes a difference by mine was prefinished.

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boopadadoo, I love your floors! What width is your floors? I also like the way they are installed perpendicular to the door. Do you have any more pics of the rest of the room? I usually do not like hand-scraped floors but your floors are stunning so maybe I just did not see the right floors.

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Thanks Lynn! Mine are more like distressed I think. They kind of have dings and dents in them. They are 3".

Here are a couple of pics when they still had construction dust on them. I haven't gotten a chance to take new ones yet.

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boop - I really like your floors, too! I can't tell by the lighting, but does yours have the ripple (handscraped) look to them? I am in the same boat as the others that have posted on here. Love my sample of handscraped hardwood, but don't like the look when I see it in room. What brand/style is yours?

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There is no ripple, more like scrapes and dings here and there. I put a link below. So far we are really happy with them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Somerset Floors

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I have photos showing an Anderson 1/2" x 5" hand scraped that was floated over a slab. Send me an email and I can reply back with them.

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I am having handscraped hickory floors installed beginning today. I too have problems with that texture thing, when the scraping creates a weird & wavy pattern, however, I looked at dozens of floors and this was the one that seemed to work the best. Don't know what your time-frame is, but if you're willing to wait, I should be able to provide some photos by Monday--at least I hope!

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debsan - what brand is your floor that's being installed if you don't mind me asking? Yes, I'd love to see some pics.

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I chose Carlton (Montecito Collection) in natural hickory. I needed a very light colored floor for a very dark room, but I had my heart set on a particular type of grain. The only thing I found that met all my criteria and was "the right price" was this floor. I'm hoping that all the texture won't be too hard to tend. Unfortunately, it was supposed to be installed by the end of the day yesterday, but we had several "issues", so we won't have it in until sometime this coming week. I will post pictures as soon as I can. Believe me, I'm at least as interested to see it as you are!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Carlton Hardwood Floors

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Here I am again, still promising to post pictures as soon as I have installed flooring to photograph. Well, the slab prep is done, and they are finally unloading the boxes. However, there is a threat of rain. It that threat turns into a promise, my installers will halt the installation. Cross your fingers for me, & maybe I can share a picture by the end of the day!

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We're in the same boat . . . I don't like the rippled effect of the machine scraped floors that are called "hand-scraped." I'm looking for slightly distressed floors that could have some scraping but NOT the wavy effect. I ran across information about Anderson floors and want to find somewhere that I can actually see this product. Unfortunately the online place I saw it has apparently been guilty of spamming here so I can't post a link.

It seems like the words "distressed" and "handscraped" are used interchangeably, although to me, they're quite different looks and processes.

I think I also need to find someone who sells Boop's floor . . . it looks like a possibility!! Gorgeous, Boop!


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I am having Exotic Asian Walnut installed November 17th.
I have looked at alot of handscraped and felt the same way about the wavyness. The brand I chose is Casabella Hardwoods, its 5" and the color is champagne. It looks just like Boops,only wider. They are much more realistic looking, definitely like a real antique floor.

Thanks for posting those pics Boop, your floors look beautiful.

I was concerned about them looking too rustic. But I definitely feel reassured now.

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Distressed hardwood floors are done by a machine rather than by hand. You can read more with the link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Handscraped vs Distressed Hardwood Flooring

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We have handscraped walnut floors in most of the first floor of our new house. They are not prefinised, and were slightly distressed and handscaped on site. The great advantage over prefinished is you can get as little or as much as you want, I wanted very minimal. I LOVE the look of all the flooring, but I think its going to take a lot of swiftering once we move in. They seem to get very dusty, very quickly, but we still do have work going on, am hoping the dust will settle soon!

Heres a few pic


foyer and living room with herringbone

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Finally, I have pictures to share. Like others, I was concerned about the wavy quality of the handscaped floor I selected. I am happy to say that I love the surface. It's not too wavy. It has a soft satiny subtle surface that I could really love, if I didn't hate the floor so much.

That's not so bad, right? However, the floor is nothing like the sample. The sample showed uniform color and clear grain.

Here is a an example of what we actually got, but wait theirs more . . .

Its like my floor has multiple personality disorder and if that weren't enough to make us all a little edgy, it's full of these "eyes"

After previewing this message, I realized that some of the images are upside down. Went back to Photobucket to rotate them, but they still aren't right. Hope you can make sense of them. I'd give it another shot, but the eyes keep watching me, and it's kinda creeping me out.

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Trying to figure out photobucket.... Anderson Virginia Vintage , 1/2" x 5", hand sculptured, floating engineered.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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debsan - your floors look so good! I like them. But I'm confused...are you happy w/ them or not? lol. I don't see any kind of ripple from your pictures. I hope this isn't too personal, but can you tell me if your floors cost more than $8/sq ft installed? That is my limit! We are on a very tight budget!

jerry t - your floors are very nice. Love the color. Thanks for sharing!

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TNKCFAN aka Jerry--glad you like the floor. In answer to the question do I love them or hate them? Yes. I do. That is I am loving them and hating them at the same time. I am absolutely in love with the finish, texture and grain. I am in shock and trying to cope with the color(s). All the men who have seen this floor have fallen in love with it.
I am getting used to it, but it's nothing like what I expected. The price is right, it's well under $8. sf. and I am happy with the quality. However, if you consider this flooring, don't trust the sample, and be sure to inspect your product thoroughly before accepting so you aren't surprise by what you get.
What the photos don't show, are all the pieces that were too wild for me. The color range of this floor goes from the blonde like maple to brown like walnut. On the sample everything was sort of like a med. oak. I actually halted the install, halfway through because we were pulling out more wood that we were putting down. Not sure where to go from here, but other than the crazy stuff we didn't put down, it's not that bad.
In case you're interested the floor is from the Carlton Montecito Collection by Virginia Hardwoods.

Here is a link that might be useful: Montecito Natural Hickory

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I just posted another thread, regarding my hickory floor shown above. If anyone is interested, see the new post with pictures.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hickory Trickery--Schlock

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I can't even imagine being so disappointed with such a big purchase. :( it sounds like their customer service is not being very helpful at all.

I will give a warning to others that the sample I had of my walnut was very uniform in color too which was not the case when I received the actual order. Overall I love it, but I did end up refinishing my kitchen cabinets which would have been just OK with the solid color, but were pretty horrible with the multicolor. I somehow thought I knew that walnut usually varies in color, but the sample absolutely did not represent that. It might be worth purchasing one box of the product before making your final decision. Hope that helps some others.....

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marcia, I love your floors!

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we are currently installing handscraped hictory By Shaw(Vicksburg, expresso). And we love it soooo much!!!!! The wavy thing doesn't look fake at all, we've seen one from Mohawk before seeing this one, and that looks fake to us.

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Has anyone put in this floor or the brand?

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