9-ply engineered?

lascatxOctober 16, 2011

We've been looking at engineered wood floors (concrete slab installation) for a while and haven't seen anything more than 7 ply, all 3/8" or 1/2" thickness) in engineered flooring until yesterday. I've also read info on engineered wood that says up to 7 plies -- 7 being the best. Yesterday, I brought home a 9 ply, 3/4" sample. It seems really solid, is one of our 2 or 3 favorites, but I'm not finding much on it in researching it. One of my questions is whether the 9-ply, 9 coats of finish and thicker construction necessarily means anything about the product, good or bad?

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I've seen 5/8" engineered, but never 3/4" engineered.

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That's the only one I've seen and it was hard to find anything similar when researching. I found 2 sources for it online and one place that had what appeared to be the same thing in narrower planks. The sample I saw was 8 or 9 inches wide. The rep said it was an exclusive for this area -- but the places that had the same thing online were in different parts of the country. I wasn't comfortable with what I was able to find and neither was the salesperson -- we've decided to go with something else.

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Shamrock is making 3/4" engineered. Good product. Many make the 5/8" including "inspector" 's company. The sawn veneer products in general are very good. Your best bet is to make sure the slab is sealed with the proper product and glued with a high quality mastic.

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Capella use to make an engineered �"

The old 3 ply never had issues.

It would be one thing if all 7 plies were the same species as the top wear layer.... But this crap they make now? GOD only knows what the 7 plys are and what their shrink and swell ratio is, compared to the top thick board.

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Quality company's use Baltic birch as the ply product.

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I recently discovered 9-ply engineered / 3"4 engineered wood. I'm so happy. We have radiant heat floors, so engineered flooring is required, yet I want to match thicknesses between my wood and tile flooring and 3/4" lets me do that. I'm only considering products with 9-ply baltic birch made in the USA. Graf Bros. makes 3/4" engineered options with both a 4.2MM and a 6MM wear layer - the thickest I've seen. Looks like Shamrock and Ashawa Bay also offer a 3/4" engineered products made in the usa. Any other companies out there to consider?

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We are looking at Vermont Plank. I have seen Ashawa and have some pricing on that. Will need to look at Shamrock. Anyone installed Vermont plan or Graf Bro?

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