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trailrunnerbikerApril 14, 2007

My friend is having a big problem with his hip and his family practice MD sent him for tests and it appears he needs a hip replacement. His MD is quite elderly and basically told my friend "any surgeon will do ". My friend is scared and most of his support folks are deceased. I am hoping that Donna or someone else in the Chicago area can suggest someone for my friend to see. I wish we could have him here to get local surgery as we have a great guy that we use but that is not possible. Any help will be very much appreciated. Caroline

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I don't have any personal recommendations but I have Chicago Magazine's list of top doctors 2006. Orthopedic surgery: Henry Finn Weiss hospital 773-564-5888, Jorge O. Galante, Rush hospital 312-432-2344, Wayne Goldstein, Lutheran General Hospital 847-375-3000, John M. Martell, Chicago hospital 773-702-7297, S. David Stulberg, Northwestern, 312-664-6848 and Richard L. Wixson Northwestern, 312-943-7850. All of these doctors specialize in hip replacement surgery. This should be a good start.

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Thank you Donna. I will post this to him and hope that he is able to get a feeling of empowerment over this problem. He is quite overweight but does not smoke or drink. I think he is mainly worried that he has no family or very close friends in Chicago anymore. A big problem for all of us as has been discussed before is not having enough extended family as we get older. Thanks again. Caroline

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I know exactly how he feels.

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Be careful with a magazine's top doctors. NY Magazine does the same thing. If you read the fine print, the way to get on the list is to have an MD recommend you. So individuals in practices and golf groups get together and recommend each other. It's big business since the general public responds to it, myself included until I knew how they got there.

Another way to increase your odds of getting a decent surgeon is to contact a hospital in your area that does a lot of orthopedic surgery and ask them for a referral. It is elective surgery and he should not schedule it until he feels comfortable with his surgeon and has a plan for his recovery.

I had a hip replacement last year and I'm pretty young for it. The surgery is so improved over the past few years and done under spinal anesthesia that recovery can be faster than you probably think it will.

It's important to let the surgeon know about the lack of support system and plan for a home health aid as far in advance as possible. He should prep his home and get whatever aids (ie, shower chair) that he will need post op and plan a source of meals. I installed grab bars in the shower. His weight is going to be an issue. I don't have a weight problem, but I live alone with a lot of steps. Post op day 2 I was walking the perimeter of the hospital unit with a walker and using a cane to go up and down 3 steps. Day 3 or 4 I was off the walker and using the cane, going up and down the hospital stairs between floors - 2 flights. He'll need PT and they come to the house but the sooner he can go to a PT facility the more productive his session will be. Very important to take the initiative and actually do the exercises every day. Weight adjustable ankle weights is something it would be good for him to buy in advance.

There is so much info on the web on hip replacement. Considering that it's pretty major surgery, it is one of the most successful surgeries with the fewest complications. Good luck.

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I agree with Judeny that one needs to be careful with a list of recommended doctors published in a magazine. (When my father was diagnosed with terminal cancer, the only doctor we did not have a good experience with was the only one of his many doctors listed in an article in Dallas magazine about best doctors in town.) Not only do doctors refer each other, but sometimes the information one has about a doctor is not current.

I agree with Judeny's advice about talking with one's doctor about one's home situation and about preparing one's home ahead of time. My 89 year-old MIL has had 2 hip replacements -- one in 2006 and one in 2002. Even in that four year period, there had been great advances made.

Both my siblings live in Chicago. I will e-mail them to see if they have recommendations of surgeons.

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THANK YOU...I would not have thought of the magazine as simply self advertisement but I can see why that might be. Another set of recommendations would be great. I had already thought of all the rest as I did Home Health for 15 yrs and had a lot of THR to take of. THANKS and I will post my friend and let him know I may have another suggestion for an MD. Caroline

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I was trying to be helpful. I have used the Best Doctor's list for many years. The doctor's on the lists have been excellent choices. If you have a better recommendation that's great. The Best list is better than nothing and that is what trailrunner had.

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You are absolutely right -- the list is better than nothing, which is what Caroline had. I'm aslo glad to hear that you've had a good experience with it. Different magazines have different methods of determining their lists, and perhaps Chicago Magazine does it so that their list is really good. Lisa

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brachl : did you check with your siblings ?

Donna : thank you again. My friend said that if the same names crop again when others make MD suggestions then that will be a good thing...so he is keeping the list you sent .

He has 2 neighbors who are able to water plants, watch auto and do various tasks which he does for them when they are traveling too. He is on the 3rd floor so that is going to be the sticking point...I don't think there is a lift. He has looked up the data I gave him on THR and he is making plans. Now for some more MD names and he will be ready to pursue this. THANK YOU all. Caroline

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I e-mailed my siblings, but have not heard back from them. I will call them tonight to see if they have suggestions. Lisa

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Caroline, My sister recommends Dr. David Hoffman. His number is 773-433-3130. HTH. Best, Lisa

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My mother went to Dr. Wixon at Northwestern several years ago for knee problems. He is an excellent Doctor!! I would highly recommend him.

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We used to live in the Chicago area. Dr Wayne Goldstein, who is on Donna's list, was highly recommended. My husband decided to wait on his knee replacement surgery, but when he decides to have it, he will most likely travel to Chicago from Florida to have Dr Goldstein do it.
Good luck.

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Thanks I forwarded these also. I have not heard from him. Hope he lets us know what he decides . You are all great for helping. Caroline

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Wow. I didn't know that about the Top Docs issue. I just had knee surgery for a nasty meniscus tear. I had lost faith in my orthopedic surgeon for a variety of reasons and went to Top Docs for a resource. I did use a doctor from their list and he was incredible. I am glad to know, mind you, that those lists may not be what I thought they were. Thanks.

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I have found the Top Doctors list to be a very valuable resource. The doctors do not make the list unless they are named by several of their peers, not just a few. My dermatoligist, who people travel from all over the world to see, is on the list. These are brilliant doctors and would not make the list because their golf buddies put them on it. I doubt any of these doctors even golf!
I would feel comfortable using any doctor on the list.

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