Problems with rubber mallet on hardwood floor installation?

gilbert_2007October 19, 2011

I am having a maple, engineered flooring installed. When I went to Anderson Floors website's installation guide, they warn not to use rubber mallets during installation because it could damage the finish. This particular wood (Piazza) has a smooth, matte finish, so I am thinking that a dull spot would really show. Do I have reason to be concerned. The installer said that if he were to use a "tapping board" that the glue would be all over the place.

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I am not familiar with Anderson Floor's installation guide...did their guide mention the use of a tapping board?

When dh installed our Lauzon red oak engineered wood (glue down on concrete sub floor), he used a rubber mallet and a tapping board. We are just DIY people and not professionals.
Hopefully, a flooring installer with lots of experience will give you some good advise.

In our situation, it worked out well having two of us tackle this job. I had several rags ready for small smudges of glue that randomly appeared on many places on the finished surface of the wood.
I wiped it with what I think was called Mineral Spirits (might be paint thinner?)and then went back over that with a clean dry cloth. The mineral spirits did not effect the finish but the glue came off very well. Even though dh was very careful during install, these glue spots could not be avoided completely.

Our wood has a semi gloss factory finish that is holding up very well. I would call the Anderson customer service department before installing just to make sure.

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I'd be very cautious of using mineral spirits on a finished floor.

Wood glue will wipe up easily with a wet cloth. Although the glue on the concrete under the slats is a diff glue, I imagine it could be wiped up with a damp cloth as well.

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I agree with the installer. I have seen the paper in the Anderson flooring, and laughed.
Yes, beating the crap out of the surface to get it to go together, will eventually do some damage.

... but a white rubber mallet, that comes with the floor nailer, does not leave the scuff marks like a hard black rubber mallet will.

Your not beating with it. I use it to tap on the board to vibrate it in the glue, while I'm pulling with my fingers, or a strap clamp.

There is a time and a place for a good rubber mallet. Not all rubber mallets are made the same.

I have tried all taping blocks and the only thing I'll stick into the glue to tap with, is my Lam-Hammer. Then you have to be very careful not to damage the edge of the boards.

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